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The Masters Programme in Fashion (LM-65) prepares students for high-level responsibilities in the world of fashion, as well as its relations with figurative arts, communications and entertainment, or for independent careers in the fashion industry and a wide range of related fields.

Students  acquire skills and specialist knowledge related to the development of the fashion industry, both historically and as an on-going trend, with special attention to cultural, symbolic and economic/financial factors, as well as the entrepreneurial and management skills necessary to work in this field.

In particular, the programme will provide students with:

  • Specific competences to identify, design, develop, manage, monitor and assess projects, production and economic/managerial aspects;
  • Tools to analyse the human, historical and cultural influences that play a role in the production, use and commercialization of clothing, both in terms of historical/anthropological symbology and entrepreneurial market dynamics.
  • Communications skills, linguistic and technological media, knowledge acquisition and transmission systems;
  • Fashion industry history and clothing trends.


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Il corso di laurea magistrale in Scienze della moda rappresenta un unicum nel suo genere in Italia in virtù della compresenza delle due dimensioni didattiche delle scienze umane e delle discipline tecnico-gestionali che rappresentano la peculiarità di questo particolare settore di studio. Gli obiettivi formativi specifici del corso di laurea magistrale in Scienze della moda sono tarati in funzione dell'approfondimento delle multiformi sfaccettature dell'universo del pianeta moda, come peculiarità culturale ed economica del Sistema Italia.