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First year (Year of enrolment 2016/2017)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
General and inorganic chemistry 100938 First semester 6 CHIM/03 Italian
PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY 1016319 First semester 9 GEO/04 Italian
FOREIGN LANGUAGES SKILLS AAF1185 First semester 3 Italian
MATHEMATIC AND STATISTIC 1045004 First semester 12 MAT/06 Italian
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 97566 Second semester 6 CHIM/06 Italian
ANIMAL DIVERSITY 1016320 Second semester 9 BIO/05 Italian
MORPHOFUNCTIONAL BOTANY 1016321 Second semester 9 BIO/01 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 6 Italian

Second year (Year of enrolment 2015/2016)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
PHYSICS 1011790 First semester 9 FIS/01 Italian
LAW AND ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION 1016325 First semester 6 IUS/10 Italian
MINERALOGY AND PETROGRAPHY 1041616 First semester 9 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE First semester 6 Italian
ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY 97585 Second semester 6 CHIM/12 Italian
ECOLOGY 1011787 Second semester 9 BIO/07 Italian
TAXONOMY OF PLANT AND ITALIAN FLORA 1016326 Second semester 6 BIO/02 Italian
GEOLOGY AND SEDIMENTARY DYNAMICS 1016327 Second semester 9 GEO/02 Italian

Third year (Year of enrolment 2014/2015)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
ENVIRONMENTAL BOTANY 1020493 First semester 6 BIO/03 Italian
ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY 1010062 First semester 6 GEO/08 Italian
GENETICS 1020289 First semester 6 BIO/18 Italian
ANIMAL AND VEGETAL PHYSIOLOGY 1020291 First semester 9 Italian
ENVIRONMENTAL ZOOLOGY 1041617 Second semester 9 BIO/05 Italian
training AAF1045 Second semester 7 Italian
Final exam AAF1006 Second semester 8 Italian
All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section