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First year (Year of enrolment 2016/2017)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS I 1015374 First semester 9 MAT/05 Italian
GEOMETRY 1015375 First semester 9 MAT/03 Italian
CHEMISTRY 1015378 First semester 9 CHIM/07 Italian
FOREIGN LANGUAGES SKILLS AAF1185 First semester 3 Italian
MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS II 1015376 Second semester 9 MAT/05 Italian
PHYSICS I 1015377 Second semester 9 FIS/01 Italian
COMPUTATIONAL LABORATORY AAF1297 Second semester 3 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 6 Italian

Second year (Year of enrolment 2015/2016)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
PHYSICS II 1015381 First semester 9 FIS/01 Italian
AFFIDABILITA' DEI MATERIALI 1035976 First semester 9 ING-IND/21 Italian
FLUID MECHANICS 1021976 First semester 9 ICAR/01 Italian
SCIENZA DELLE COSTRUZIONI 1012202 First semester 9 ICAR/08 Italian
FISICA TECNICA 1023672 Second semester 9 ING-IND/11 Italian
ELETTROTECNICA 1017989 Second semester 9 ING-IND/31 Italian
PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS 1011710 Second semester 6 MAT/06 Italian
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM VULNERABILITY 1034920 Second semester 6 ICAR/02 Italian

Third year (Year of enrolment 2014/2015)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
RISCHIO E SICUREZZA NEI CANTIERI 1021997 First semester 9 ING-IND/28 Italian
RISCHIO GEOTECNICO E STRUTTURALE 1036240 First semester 12 Italian
IMPIANTI DELL'INDUSTRIA DI PROCESSO 1019337 First semester 9 ING-IND/25 Italian
SICUREZZA DEI TRASPORTI 1019340 Second semester 6 ICAR/05 Italian
Machine Safety 1036172 Second semester 6 ING-IND/14 Italian
prova finale AAF1001 Second semester 3 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 6 Italian
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