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First year (Year of enrolment 2016/2017)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
BODY DRESSING IDENTITY I-II 1047185 First semester 12 L-FIL-LET/06 Italian
TECNOLOGIE E QUALITA' I-II 1036469 First semester 12 SECS-P/13 Italian
MODERN HISTORY 1023477 First semester 6 M-STO/02 Italian
HISTORY OF FASHION 1038502 First semester 6 M-STO/04 Italian
History of the fashion industry 1011481 First semester 6 SECS-P/12 Italian
SYSTEMS, TECHNIQUES AND STYLES OF FASHION 1023872 First semester 12 ICAR/13 Italian
ANALISI DELLA MODA E DEGLI STILI 1022353 First semester 6 SPS/07 Italian
STORIA DELL'EURASIA 1031815 Second semester 6 M-STO/03 Italian
INVESTIGATIVE JEWELLERY 1045117 Second semester 6 SECS-P/13 Italian
SOCIOLOGY OF COMMUNICATION AND FASHION 1051848 Second semester 12 Italian

Second year (Year of enrolment 2015/2016)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
TECHNOLOGY OF PRODUCTION CYCLES 1017266 First semester 6 SECS-P/13 Italian
DRAWING APPLIED TO FASHION 1036522 First semester 12 ICAR/17 Italian
Languages ??of cinema and audiovisual 1045123 First semester 12 Italian
Theory and techniques of drawing 1045192 First semester 12 Italian
FRENCH LANGUAGE 1017153 First semester 6 L-LIN/04 French
SPANISH LANGUAGE 1017155 First semester 6 L-LIN/07 Italian
English for fashion 1048005 First semester 6 L-LIN/12 Italian
DIRITTO COMMERCIALE 1009299 First semester 6 IUS/04 Italian
DIRITTO PRIVATO 101552 First semester 6 IUS/01 Italian
ECONOMIA AZIENDALE 1013710 First semester 9 SECS-P/07 Italian
CREAZIONE DEL VALORE NEL SETTORE MODA 1023819 First semester 9 SECS-P/11 Italian
SIMBOLOGY OF CLOATHING 1020829 First semester 6 M-STO/06 Italian
ANATOMY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PATHOLOGY 1045122 First semester 6 Italian
DIRITTO DELL' UNIONE EUROPEA 1013709 First semester 6 IUS/14 Italian
MARKETING 1018184 First semester 9 SECS-P/08 Italian
AESTHETICS 1022651 Second semester 6 M-FIL/04 Italian
Semiotics of Fashion 1045121 Second semester 6 M-FIL/05 Italian
CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 1015318 Second semester 6 M-DEA/01 Italian

Third year (Year of enrolment 2014/2015)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
HISTORY OF MODERN ART 1025122 First semester 6 L-ART/02 Italian
HISTORY OF ART CRITICISM II 1036557 First semester 6 L-ART/04 Italian
HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY ART 1005268 First semester 6 L-ART/03 Italian
FRENCH LITERATURE 1026924 First semester 6 L-LIN/03 Italian
ENGLISH LITERATURE 1023947 First semester 6 L-LIN/10 Italian
CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN LITERATURE 1024002 First semester 6 L-FIL-LET/11 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 18 Italian
Other useful knowledge for entering the world of work AAF1155 Second semester 9 Italian
Final exam AAF1007 Second semester 9 Italian
All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section