Degree Programme

The faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Rome’s Sapienza University introduced the Dental Hygiene Degree Course along with various other Health Profession University Degree courses as indicated in issue No.128 of the  Official Gazzette, 5th.  June 2001, to replace the previous University Diploma Course (1990). The Didactics of the University Diploma Courses, which then became Degree Courses, has been modified over the past 15 years (1990, 1995, 2001). The present arrangement, established following Ministerial Decree No.136 of April 2nd, 2001 for Health Profession Degrees and Specializations, complies with U.E. directives, so that a graduate may freely practice within the European Union. The establishment of this Degree Course responds, in fact, to the educational and professional criteria required to provide professionals with scientific, theoretical and practical training and an adequate knowledge in the field of dental hygiene and prevention. Graduates in Dental Hygiene become, according to paragraph 3 of law no. 251, 10th. August 2000, independent professional practitioners within the technical-assistance sphere whose task it is to carry out the technical procedures necessary to perform diagnostic tests on biological material or persons, that is, technical-assistance activities, carried out in accordance with the regulatory provisions concerning the identification of professional profiles as per the Health Ministry Decree No.137 of March 15th, 1999, which recites that dental hygienists shall, instructed by registered dentists, carry out tasks of oral-dental prevention and care either as employees or free-lance practitioners. The course includes propaedeutic medical and biological training integrated with disciplinary clinical studies. Theoretical preparation, in compliance with Community directives, is accompanied by practical training carried out within university facilities under the supervision of teaching staff.