Degree Programme

The theatre, the cinema and digital technologies of new media applied to the performing arts are areas of study and work that traditionally have a strong attraction; in fact, the course of study has not been affected by the decrease in student enrolments from which the Italian university system has suffered, according to the latest ISTAT reports.

The Degree Course offers the possibility for students to articulate a study plan which combines theatre, cinema and digital technologies.


Methodology - The Degree Course was designed to maintain a virtuous balance between critical and historical culture, the analysis of artistic phenomena and practical experience in the world of performing arts.

Laboratory activities - Ordinary teaching is accompanied by practical seminars, thanks to the collaboration agreements with numerous production companies in the world of theatre, film and digital entertainment, which are linked to institutional disciplines that constitute practical experiences of knowledge in the various working sectors of theatre and dance (from the actor's and dancer's techniques to their organization), of cinema (from screenplay to the profession) and new digital technologies applied to the world of entertainment (audio and video editing, 3D modelling, visual effects, etc.).

Professionalization - Thanks to a careful administration of contracts, the ordinary teaching includes specific subjects such as digital editing, 3D modelling, theories and techniques of analogue and digital shooting, the organization of cinema and entertainment, screenplay, etc.

New technologies - In the teaching process, the use of technologies for the analysis of the show phenomena is encouraged so that a solid historical critical and interpretive formation can dialogue with and consciously exploit the resources of the new digital technologies.