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Third year (Year of enrolment 2018/2019)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
International law 98380 First semester 9 IUS/13 Italian
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - B1 1051458 First semester 6 L-LIN/12 Italian
FRENCH LANGUAGE 1017153 First semester 6 L-LIN/04 Italian
SPANISH LANGUAGE 1017155 First semester 6 L-LIN/07 Italian
GERMAN LANGUAGE 1017156 First semester 6 L-LIN/14 Italian
LAW AND INSTITUTIONS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION 1047597 First semester 9 IUS/14 Italian
POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY 1017463 First semester 9 SPS/01 Italian
LABOR LAW 1009300 First semester 6 IUS/07 Italian
CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE 1047551 First semester 6 IUS/09 Italian
ADMINISTRATIVE LAW 98096 First semester 6 IUS/10 Italian
FINANCIAL SCIENCE 1017240 First semester 6 SECS-P/03 Italian
Economics of development 1017101 First semester 6 SECS-P/01 Italian
ARABIC LANGUAGE 1017474 First semester 6 L-OR/12 Italian
CHINESE LANGUAGE 1017475 First semester 6 L-OR/21 Italian
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE 1017482 First semester 6 L-LIN/21 Italian
POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY 1010513 First semester 9 M-GGR/02 Italian
INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION 1017490 Second semester 9 IUS/13 Italian
REGIONAL LAW 1041503 Second semester 6 IUS/09 Italian
ITALIAN AND INTERNATIONAL TRIBUTARY LAW 1041504 Second semester 6 IUS/12 Italian
HISTORY OF EUROPE 1047569 Second semester 6 M-STO/02 Italian
HISTORY OF EASTERN EUROPE 1022572 Second semester 6 M-STO/03 Italian
HISTORY OF JOURNALISM 1018505 Second semester 6 M-STO/04 Italian
INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC POLICY 1017221 Second semester 6 SECS-P/02 Italian
ECONOMIC STATISTICS 1017246 Second semester 6 SECS-S/03 Italian
HISTORY OF POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS 1017567 Second semester 9 SPS/03 Italian
Training AAF1044 Second semester 6 Italian
SEMINARS WITH FINAL TEST AAF1349 Second semester 4 Italian
SEMINARS WITH FINAL TEST AAF1347 Second semester 2 Italian
Final exam AAF1004 Second semester 6 Italian
All information relating to the final exam is contained in the Graduation section