Degree Programme

The Masters Degree in Architecture – Urban Regeneration, in compliance with the qualifying learning objectives of the class LM-4, aims at responding to the need of a new profile of Architect, fully integrated in the European context, with reference to cultural, professional and formal elements. The themes of Urban Regeneration undoubtedly play a central role in this context, as highlighted by the European and International Urban Agenda, as well as, more recently in the still emerging National Urban Agenda.
These Architects are trained to investigate, configure and develop processes of urban regeneration; they will be dedicated to the project as research and as process of constant experimentation; and they will be able to provide appropriate answers to the processes of regeneration of the contemporary city, to all scales and in an integrated manner, dealing with complexity so to endow the project of the contemporary city and architecture with perspectives on social equality, well-being and inclusion, ecological quality, historical-environmental sustainability, and the effective use of resources.
Architects will possess design, technical and technological competences in order to, on the one hand, manage critical phenomena and intervene in territories highly characterized by the stratification and frailty of different components, as it is often the case in Italian cities; and, on the other, to respond to the action plans and strategic directions of the European context and Urban Agenda.