Program degree
  • Programme Code: 29902
  • Test Code: 14875
  • Faculty: Law
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Degree Code: LMG/01
  • Degree: Single Cycle - Law Degree
  • Admission Procedure: Admission Test (PIVC)
  • Test sign-up opening: 17/07/2018
  • Test sign-up closing: 03/09/2018
  • Date of test: 13/09/2018
  • Publication of test sites: 11/09/2018
  • Rankings publication: 20/09/2018
  • Matriculation deadline: 05/11/2018

The entrance test to the LMG-01 course of study in Law consists in a verification of the student's basic knowledge based on topics of general culture.

The verification consists of a test with 40 questions lasting 80 minutes.

For those who do not respond correctly to a minimum of 10 questions, it is possible to recover the credits not obtained through the performance of an additional educational obligation (OFA), which has as its object the participation in at least one of the following initiatives organized by the Faculty:

  1. Lessons of introduction and minimum literacy to law and its general categories, both during the first and second semester (held by Prof. Gianluca Scarchillo, Faculty Representative for the OFA, Professor of Comparative Legal Systems and Comparative Private Law) (September/December and January/February);
  2. Participation in the typical lectures held during the days of reception of freshmen (September and January / February)
  3. Participation in transversal conferences on legal issues, concerning the subjects of the first year of the course, identified by the teachers in charge of the OFA (September-December and February July);
  4. Targeted interviews at the Presidency, with de visu contact on request, which manages the entire procedure relating to the performance of the Faculty OFA.

Participation in the entrance test and in the supplementary recovery activities is verified through the acquisition of presence signatures deposited and collected in a dedicated dossier during the Presidency.

Information on these initiatives and on how to use them for the purposes of fulfilling the OFA is available on the Faculty website.

Each event is duly and promptly disclosed.