Professional Opportunities

Profile: Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineer

Functions: Graduates from the Environment and Sustainable Building Engineering Programme, when applying their skills to solve complex problems, will be able to take on high responsibilities in public and private organizations and companies, engineering companies, industries in the construction and environmental sector, construction companies and land management services, as well as in the field of research, or as freelance professionals or consultants.

Skills: The Masters Degree in Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering aims to train professionals who, thanks to an in-depth interdisciplinary technical preparation, are able to work as designers, production and site managers, inspectors of the civil engineering sector from an environmental point of view, identifying problems, analysing their complexity, developing suitable and appropriate solutions.

Professional outcomes: Graduates may therefore practice their acquired skills in public and private companies, engineering companies, building and environmental industries, construction companies, as well as in private consulting and freelancing.

In the months of July 2015 and March 2016 the president of the Degree Course participated in FIGI meetings, particularly in the last meeting the posters of the study courses were distributed to the companies in order to receive feedback. 12 hours at the headquarters of the Industrial Unit of Rieti, the President of the Board and a representative of the Executive, met the President of the Consortium for the Industrial Group of Rieti, the President of Unindustria for the Area of ​​Rieti, the President of Assoindustria, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce to consult the main representatives of economic operators At the end of this meeting it was decided to disseminate a questionnaire to the trade associations, to be filled in to their members, in order to know the degree of knowledge on the presence of the degree course in Rieti and expectations about the university training offer in Rieti, as well as on possible collaborations in the field of specialized training, as well as research. In mid-April 2016, dozens of completed questionnaires were received, the content of which is being processed. In the middle of April 2016, dozens of completed questionnaires were received, the content of which is being processed. On March 29, 2017, a consultation was held with the major companies in Fiji where the SUA card was submitted, the minutes are on the FIGI website. "On March 19, 2018 from 3 to 6 pm, at the Sala degli Affreschi of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Consultations were held with the companies and representative organizations concerning the training offer 18-19.The minutes of the meeting can be viewed on the website: / home / meetings-with-world-of-work / verbal-consultations.