Our course catalogue for the accademic year 2022/2023 is currently being updated


In 4th semester students will move to any of the 4 Universities or of the 16 companies associated members to carry out the internship and prepare the Master thesis. Student will have the opportunity of a professional internship in a leading company in the automobile or power generation industry plus a guided research aimed at the preparation of the Master thesis. Internships will be devoted for the development of the Master Thesis in an associated partner university or company of the EMJMD STEPS programme. Internships will be co-tutored by a Master's professor and an external person belonging to the associated partner. All the students will have the possibility of having the internship period, with a maximum of two students staying at each associated partner. The selection of associated Universities and companies has been made on the basis of their high specialization on the Master topics.

The Master's Thesis will be a written report of the student's personal work and is aimed at developing independent and scientific thoughts and applications. Master Thesis will be connected to the activities to be developed during the internship and one chapter of the Master Thesis will describe the Internship activities and the outcomes that may be relevant to the Thesis. Thesis topics will be offered by the Master Academic Committee at the beginning of the 3rd semester. Students will have up to 15th October to make their choices, with the assistance of the Mentoring Professor. The Master Academic Committee will confirm the Master thesis assignments by 15th November.

The thesis will be supervised by a PhD Professor belonging to any of the partner Universities and may also be co-directed by a professor or tutor from the associated organization where the student is carrying out the internship).

Master Thesis Module :

Internships: 12 ECTS

Master Thesis: 18 ECTS