Our course catalogue for the accademic year 2022/2023 is currently being updated

Degree Programme



The two year Masters Degree aims to provide a specialized education through in-depth study of the various disciplines that deal with power plant questions, such as control and management of the different technologies and energy generation control systems  (mechanical, electric, thermal) of plants powered by fossil fuel (technologies, plants and energy management), renewable energy sources (technologies and plants using renewable sources) and nuclear (technologies and nuclear plants). To further study and explore each of these topics, the Masters Degree provides specific differentiated programmes.

In addition to these specific programmes, a general curriculum in English is also provided. Through this programme it is possible to focus on energy technologies from renewable and nuclear sources.

The Degree programme forms part of the following international agreements: the italo-french network through which students can obtain a double qualification at selected universities and French Grand Ecoles (at present not in operation with any specific university), an agreement with Venezuela through which students can obtain a double qualification at Universidad Central de Venezuela