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  • Prof. Brunero Liseo
    Contact for Master Thesis performed outside Sapienza
    Department of Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance (MEMOTEF)
    Viale Castro Laurenziano, 9 - Room 426 - 4th floor
    Phone number: 06 49766973



Student Office (for fees, certificates, password recovery,ecc. )

The Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics Student Office Student Office manages students careers from their enrollment to their degree. 

You can contact your Students Office for:

  • General Information
  • Updates in your career (interruprions, transfers...)
  • Fees 
  • Certificates
  • Password Recovery

  • Sapienza promotes and supports its students and graduates’ curricular and extracurricular internship activities in Italy and abroad. The aim is to offer young people concrete opportunities to confront themselves with the job market and thus guide their future professional choices.
    The Internship Department, also through the dedicated “JOBSOUL Sapienza” platform, provides the following services and fulfils the following duties:
    • Stipulates agreements for internships with public and private institutions in Italy and abroad;

• Gives assistance and information to students, also in relation to the use of the platform, in person, through email and on the phone;
• establishes relationships with other public institutions that promote active labour policies through internships (Regional Governments, Job centres)  
• Stipulates agreements to carry out short-listing for applications to jobs advertised by public institutions (Banca d’Italia, IVASS, FONDAZIONE CRUI) and aimed at activating internships.
• Stipulates agreements to carry out short-listing for applications to jobs advertised by public institutions (Bank of Italy, IVASS, FONDAZIONE CRUI) aimed at activating internships.
Through the Sapienza JOBSOUL Portal, students and graduates can:

• register, by inserting their personal details, fill in, publish and edit their curriculum vitae;
• search advertisements in the portal for job/internship offers matching their profile and apply online;
• start online procedures for the activation of internships carried out within the Agreement with the University;
• contact companies and apply directly;
• choose whether to make their personal details accessible to companies.

Internships information desks of the University Faculties/Departments provide the following  services:
• reception and information;
• approval and activation of internship planning in favour of students and graduates through the Sapienza JOBSOUL platform;
• assistance to users of the portal.