Degree Programme

Pedagogy and Learning Science

The course represents the completion of the training acquired in the three-year L-19 class courses. At the end of the Course, graduates can access the public system, the companies, and the third sector where there is a need of advanced competences and knowledge in educational and training area.
Job opportunities are within the activities of educational research and consultation in the planning, management, and evaluation of interventions in various services operating in the educational area, as well as within the activities of orientation and evaluation. The graduate will be able to work in public, private, and company sectors, in non-governmental organisations, within cooperation areas and local, national, and international educational services, as well as a freelancer.
They will be also able to participate in contests for teachers in secondary school, if they have the enough credits in the scientific disciplinary sector established by the laws in force.
Graduates can participate in the contest for PhD in the reference disciplinary areas.