The final examforeseen for the achievement of the degree in Sociology, consists in the elaboration of a written thesis, the result of mature critical elaboration. The thesis will be presentedin front of a Dissertation Panel composed according to the regulations in force.

In the preparation and in the discussion will be verified the expected learning objectives, specified in the descriptor system.

The expected learning objectives specified in the descriptor system will be verified in the drafting and discussion of the paper. In the Educational Regulations of the Degree Course the typology of the products to which the final paper and the relative accompanying elements will be indicated will be indicated.

For the verification of the knowledge of the English language, a suitability test is foreseen which the Educational Regulations will define in terms of contents and methods.

On the Moodle page (, Sociology Area - Social Service Area, are published all information relating to the Thesis (Schedule, forms, Calendar of graduation sessions, etc.).