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First year (Year of enrolment 2019/2020)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
Business law 1052118 First semester 9 IUS/05 English
European and Italian Public Law 1052122 First semester 9 IUS/09 English
European Criminal Law 1052079 First semester 6 IUS/17 Italian
Economics of European Integration 1051841 Second semester 9 SECS-P/01 English
Hermeneutics and European law 1052138 Second semester 9 IUS/20 English
European Union law 1052119 Second semester 9 IUS/14 English
History of International Relations and European Institutions 1052128 Second semester 9 SPS/06 English
European criminal procedural law 1052123 Second semester 6 IUS/16 Italian
Law and religion 10589162 Second semester 6 IUS/11 Italian

Second year (Year of enrolment 2018/2019)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
Law and Economics I 1051725 First semester 9 SECS-P/03 English
Law and economics II 1052125 First semester 9 SECS-P/03 English
Elective course First semester 6 English
European political Economy 1052127 Second semester 9 SECS-P/02 English
Elective course Second semester 6 English
Stages and professional training AAF1752 Second semester 3 Italian
THESIS WORK AAF1518 Second semester 18 English
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