The final exam consists in the discussion of an interdisciplinary topic presented in front of a Dissertation Panel composed according to the regulations in force. The graduate student must present a thesis on the topic being discussed and an abstract in Italian or in one of the EU languages.

To obtain the three-year degree, the student must pass a final test which consists in the preparation and discussion, in front of a Dissertation Panel, of a written work in Italian, or in English (if in English, the final work must be accompanied by an abstract in Italian of 5 pages), on a topic that the student, in relation to his / her interests, agrees with a professor of a scientific-disciplinary sector present in the study plan (it is not possible to graduate in the scientific disciplinary sector of choice, if different from those foreseen  from  the Educational Regulations of your degree programme).

The thesis is developed independently by the student; the preparation procedures are agreed with the supervisor who will provide advice and all necessary assistance.

In relation to the number of credits associated with the final exam (4 ECTS), the student is required a commitment of 150 h, equal to 40 days of continuous work. The final thesis will therefore oscillate between 80,000 and 100,000 characters max (including spaces, figures, tables and bibliographical notes).

The starting point to access to the final exam is the average of the marks obtained in the individual teaching modules, weighted by the number of credits attributed to each module. To the score deriving from the weighted average of the exams, the Dissertation Panel can add points, based on its unquestionable judgment regarding the candidate's performance both in the preparation of the thesis and in its presentation and discussion.

Without prejudice to the full autonomy of the Dissertation Panel in this regard, however, the Educational Area Council has deliberated some suggestions, in order to make the behavior of the various Dissertation Panel as homogeneous as possible. To the score deriving from the weighted average of the exams, the commission will add a bonus of 2 points if the student graduates in corso. During the final evaluation, the Dissertation Panel will be able to add a score that normally ranges from 0 to 5, according to the following criteria: completeness, correctness and substantiation of the thesis; originality, methodology and research skills; quality of presentation and discussion; assessment of the three-year curriculum. 

The final exam consists of two steps:

1. Request of the thesis

2. Submission of the online graduation application. The graduation application can be eventually revoked and presented again at a later date.

On the Department website, it is possible to find:

  • the graduation schedule
  • deadlines
  • the operational indications
  • the guidelines
  • the topic proposals indicated by the professors
  • formats ready to lay out texts

See the dedicated page on the Department website.