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Second year (Year of enrolment 2020/2021)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
LIQUID ROCKET ENGINES 1044024 First semester 6 ING-IND/07 English
SOLID ROCKET MOTORS 1044027 First semester 6 ING-IND/07 English
Flight Mechanics of launchers 1037939 First semester 6 ING-IND/03 Italian
Digital Control Systems 1041428 First semester 6 ING-INF/04 English
HYPERSONICS 1021817 Second semester 6 ING-IND/06 Italian
SPACE GUIDANCE AND NAVIGATION SYSTEMS 1051389 Second semester 6 ING-IND/05 English
Thermoelastic and piezoelectric analysis of aerospace structures 10592715 Second semester 6 ING-IND/04 Italian
AEROSPACE MATERIALS 1041541 Second semester 6 ING-IND/22 English
SPACE ELECTRICAL PLANTS 1021807 Second semester 6 ING-IND/33 Italian
A SCELTA DELLO STUDENTE Second semester 12 Italian
Final exam AAF1021 Second semester 23 Italian

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