Final exam procedures
The final exam consists of preparing and submitting a thesis, offering the results of an original work, through which students show that they can adequately apply concepts and tools acquired throughout their academic career. Students write their thesis with the support of a supervisor with whom they choose methodological and applied aspects relating to the degree programme’s courses.   Students should also demonstrate that are familiar with and can apply the relevant national and international literature. The final exam consists of preparing and submitting a thesis prepared by the students with the support of a supervisor. 

Le sessioni di laurea per l'a.a. 2020/2021 si terranno nei periodi indicati nel calendario esami laurea (vedi Allegati).

La data esatta della seduta sarà comunicata per email all'indirizzo istituzionale Sapienza del laureando.

To submit the graduation application, consult the Graduation page and carefully read the graduating student checklist which can be downloaded from this page.

ATTENTION: to apply to Infostud, without delay within the deadline indicated in the academic calendar of reference, it is necessary to pay the graduation fee at least 72 hours before the deadline.

All exams have to be passed by the application deadline date.

In addition to the procedure on Infostud, it is necessary to send by e-mail, within the same deadline, the "modulo_laurea_magistrale" filled in and signed only by the student.

Detailed information on the graduation session will be sent to the Sapienza email address in the weeks preceding the session itself.
For further information, please contact the educational office via email (