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Second year (Year of enrolment 2020/2021)

Course Code Semester CFU SSD Language
English language AAF1101 First semester 3 Italian
Construction and building systems 10592619 First semester 9 Italian
Building physics and environmental testings 10592614 First semester 9 Italian
Risk analysis in construction site 10592454 First semester 6 ING-IND/28 Italian
Legal framework for public and private works 10592460 First semester 6 IUS/10 Italian
Stuctural Mechanics and Design 10592613 Second semester 9 Italian
Urban planning 1004750 Second semester 6 ICAR/21 Italian
Science and technology of building materials 10592461 Second semester 6 ING-IND/22 Italian
Basics of fire preventions 10592456 Second semester 6 ING-IND/28 Italian
Healthiness and comfort of buildings 10592459 Second semester 6 MED/42 Italian
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