The final examination consists in the discussion of a thesis, consisting of a written document, in Italian or English, presenting the results of an original theoretical or experimental study on a research topic. The preparation of the thesis takes place under the direction of a supervisor (who may be a professor of the degree course, or of other Italian or foreign degree courses, or of an Italian or foreign research institution) and normally takes place in the second year of the course, occupying just under three quarters of the total time.


In order to be admitted to the final examination, the student must have obtained all the CFUs required by the didactic regulations for activities other than the thesis and must have fulfilled the administrative formalities laid down in the University's didactic regulations.

The dissertation consists in carrying out an original research project or a compilative work under the guidance of a supervisor. At the end of the work, a paper is written. The final examination consists of a discussion of the written thesis. The work is first discussed with a designated counter-referee and then presented to an evaluation committee, which takes into account both the written work and the relevance of its content, as well as the oral presentation and the clarity and mastery of the topics covered. For students enrolled in an English-language curriculum, the drafting of the thesis and its discussion are normally conducted in English. For other curricula, students may choose to write their thesis in Italian or English.

The final grade is based on the evaluation of the curriculum of studies, the thesis and the final examination, and on other elements aimed at encouraging students to pass the exams within the timescale established by the teaching regulations.

Any periods of maternity/paternity leave are also taken into account. The Graduation Committee expresses the grade in hundredths and may, by unanimous decision, award the candidate the highest grade with honours (cum laude).

The calendar of the graduation sessions is established at the beginning of each academic year and published on the Degree Course website.