Our course catalogue for the accademic year 2023/2024 is currently being updated


The final exam will consist in the presentation and discussion of a written and / or multimedia paper in front of a commission of teachers. This paper must develop a topic relating to the subjects of study. In the presentation and discussion, the candidate must demonstrate the ability to use the basic theoretical, methodological and applicative instrumentation acquired through the didactic activities provided for in the training course.

The educational path ends with the final exam, which consists of an important individual training opportunity to complete the path. It is accessed following the fulfillment of all the didactic obligations provided for by the RD, including the verification of knowledge of the English language. The RD defines the modalities of these obligations and the definition of any training debts to be fulfilled within the first year. The final exam is listed in table 9 credits and therefore equates to 225 hours of work. The final exam consists of a short dissertation, agreed in detail with the supervisor, in one of the disciplinary areas of the CdL, present in the study plan of the individual student.



It should be noted that starting from May 2021, students will have to submit a thesis request to the teacher of the chosen subject, at least six months before the graduation sessions.