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The regulations published in the annex regulate the professional training to which the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" are enrolled in the degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

Regulations regarding professional training in pharmacy (pdf)

Useful information

Students are reminded that:

  • they cannot complete their internship at a pharmacy of up to fourth-degree relatives;
  • their traineeship carried out at a hospital pharmacy cannot last more than 3 months. The remaining period must take place at a pharmacy that is open to the public;
  • their internship can be carried out from the end of the lessons of the fourth year courses. Students, in order to present their application, must have achieved the following minimum requirements:
  1. achievement of at least 130 ECTS credits;
  2. have attended the courses in "Pharmaceutical technology and legislation" and "Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy";
  • in order for the internship to be carried out at a pharmacy in a given province, a convention must be activated between our Faculty and the President of the Professional Association to which the pharmacy belongs.
  • the diary-booklet will be provided by the student office;
  • the booklet is not to be provided at the graduation examination but must be taken to the state exam;
  • Once the apprenticeship has started, students are required to check the assignment of their university tutor and meet within 10 days in order to arrange how the tutoring will be carried out;
  • The list of university tutors is updated periodically, tutors being immediately notified by e-mail and trainees by publication on this web page;
  • Pursuant to Art. 2 of the Regulations “the university tutor guides students in their internship and ensures that the apprenticeship is carried out appropriately. To this end, trainees periodically confer with their university tutor during the internship. The university tutor maintains regular contacts with the pharmacist responsible for the internship. At the end of the traineeship period, the university tutor will write a short assessment on the appropriate page of the internship booklet ";
  • At the beginning of their internship, students must go to the Provincial Order of Pharmacists to collect their identification badge;
  • The internship must be carried out full-time (36 hours a week), for a duration of not less than six months: any periods of suspension must be recuperated. Furthermore, in the case of non-daily attendance, the apprenticeship must be extended, remaining within the 18 month limit;
  • Students are required to update their booklet daily, describing the activities performed and the related professional experience acquired;
  • The internship must be concluded without fail within 18 months from the beginning. At the end of the training, students must go with their completed booklet, which must be signed and stamped by the pharmacist/s, to the Provincial Order of Pharmacists to obtain the President of the Order stamp and signature on the appropriate page;
  • Within 15/20 days of the end of their internship, trainee students, in order to acquire their ECTS credits, must go to the Internship Commission and consign:
  1. a photocopy of their end-of-traineeship form issued by the pharmacist;
  2. a photocopy of their training booklet page containing their general information (student data, pharmacist tutor, host pharmacy, etc.);
  3. a photocopy of the page (two in the case of an internship carried out in two trimesters) related to the assessment of the pharmacist;
  4. a photocopy of the page containing the assessment of the university tutor.

Internship Commission

The Internship Commission consists of the following teachers:

  • Prof. Romano Silvestri (President)
  • Prof. Patrizia Campolongo
  • Prof. Tommasina Coviello

List of trainee assignments to the university tutor

In this section, the list containing the assignment of trainees to the university tutor is published.

Students are reminded that they must meet their tutor within 10 days for  agreements, news and explanations regarding their training in pharmacies.

List of trainees 11.09.2019

List of trainees 28.05.2019

List of trainees 25.02.2019

List of trainees 03.12.2018

List of trainees 10.10.2018

List of trainees 30.05.2018

List of trainees 30.01.2018

List of trainees 3.10.2017

List of trainees 6.06.2017

List of trainees 12.04.2017

List of trainees 18.01.2017

List of trainees 14.09.2016

List of trainees 22.07.2016