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The regulations published in the annex regulate the professional training to which the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" are enrolled in the degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

The New Internship Regulations came into force on June 1, 2020 as an exception and on October 1, 2020 under ordinary regime.
In the transition period, 1 June-30 September, the student who intends to start the internship in pharmacy must print the file of the internship diary (which will be made available on the website of the Degree courses in Pharmacy and CTF) and can also start the internship in the absence of the signature of the university tutor. When the university tutors are assigned by the Student (Administrative Affair) Office, the trainee will take care to get in touch with their tutor immediately.
From 1st June, the application for the start of the traineeship with the new form (always available on the website of the Degree courses in Pharmacy and CTF) must be submitted to the Student Secretariat (also electronically).

Please note that, for all those forms for which signature is expected, given the protracted state of emergency, it will be possible to use forms duly signed remotely and converted into pdf files.
The student will take as many copies of the signatures as necessary on each form.
Furthermore, it should be remembered that anyone wishing to start the traineeship from October 1st must scrupulously comply with the provisions of the New Regulation.

Regulations regarding professional training in pharmacy (pdf)


Internship Commission

The Internship Commission consists of the following teachers:

List of trainee assignments to the university tutor

In this section, the list containing the assignment of trainees to the university tutor is published.

Students are reminded that they must meet their tutor within 10 days for  agreements, news and explanations regarding their training in pharmacies and for the signature of the authorization to start.

List of trainees April 2021 (pdf)