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Anno 2021/2022


Professioni tecniche per l'edilizia e il territorio:


Le lezioni si svolgeranno il martedi in aula G0, nella sede di Viale Regina Elena 295, ed il giovedì aula 1b1, nella sede di Via scarpa 14. Non è previsto link zoom perché tutti gli iscritti dovranno accedere in aula. 

Per qualunque necessità gli studenti possono scrivermi all'indirizzo




ATTENZIONE Da MARTEDI' 5 Ottobre le lezioni cominceranno per Professioni Tecniche inizierà alle ore 13.30.
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He graduated in physics (2017-2018) from University Sapienza" in Rome in the framework of the Virgo experiment. During his studies he cultivated also his passion for music, graduating at the Conservatory Santa Cecilia" (2017-2018) in Rome with a thesis that combined the physics of gravitational waves and music. During this period, he has participated as a composer in concerts in Rome and in New York. In 2019 attended a post-graduated training course on machine learning in Bergamo. He entered the PhD program of Electromagnetism at Sapienza". He deals with the modeling and design of intelligent hardware systems operating in the domain of optics. He has presented works at conferences in Prague, Parma and Rome. He collaborates on projects for the construction of magnetic nanomemories. He had a contract with the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering at Sapienza on the European project Collection Care " and now he has a contract with the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering at Sapienza on the project "Intelligent optical systems for recognition and sanification of pathological micro- and nano-organisms". Moreover he applies artificial intelligence techniques to the microclimate of cultural heritage to provide useful predictions for the conservation of artistic artefacts. He was awarded with the "Avvio alla Ricerca" funding in November 2020. He is a lecturer for mathematical analysis and physics courses, at the Sapienza University of Rome and at the Camplus college in Rome and Bologna. He is the founder and lecturer of the Coding and Music course at the Digital Education Lab. In 2021 he was appointed external professor for the Mathematical Analysis course at the "Technical Professions for Construction and Territory" degree course at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza.