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Lectures in presence are held in Aula Alfa via Salaria, n. 113 for attendees all in possession of the green pass.


Prof. Asaro invites students to participate in the WhatsApp group called LegalRisk2021, to be used for urgent announcements regarding lessons and related topics. Students are therefore asked to send the request for participation by message to the professor's cell phone number (+39 3284434641). In order to facilitate the identification of the message please indicate the name of the WhatsApp group (LegalRisk2021). Please also indicate first name, last name, and university registration number.


Students can find information about the course, the lectures schedule as well as links to presentations and teaching materials on the course website by clicking on the link below. 

Carmelo Asaro is currently a contract professor in the course of Risk Management at the Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Informatics. Previously, in the same University, he was professor of Cyber and computer law.
He has a degree in classical literature and law. He was a professor of Latin and Greek in high schools. After a brief experience as a lawyer, he entered the judiciary, where he was deputy prosecutor of the Republic in Caltagirone and Lucca. He then passed to the judiciary judging as judge of the Rome Court of Review and subsequently judge of the Court of Appeal of Rome.
He is an expert in computer systems applied to law. For this quality, he was a District IT representative for the Court of Appeal of Florence and for the Court of Appeal of Rome. He was a member of the Technical Structure for the Organization, an advisory body of the Superior Council of the Magistracy for the innovation and reorganization of the judicial offices. He designed and wrote the Daedalus computer system software for assistance to the Public Prosecutor's activity, a system that has been successful in Italy and abroad.
He writes boks of fiction and in the field of IT applied to law, the book Ingegneria della conoscenza giuridica applicata al diritto penale published by Aracne. His book "La messa in scena del reato", which is a scientific analysis of the crime, is currently being published by the publisher Giuffrè.

Course Code Year Course - Attendance
Risk management 1055050 2021/2022 Cybersecurity
Risk management 1055050 2020/2021 Cybersecurity
Risk management 1055050 2019/2020 Cybersecurity
Cyber and Computer Law 1055055 2018/2019 Cybersecurity