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Professor CV
Cristiano De Michele is a theoretical and computational physicist working in Condensed Matter Physics. He graduated cum laude at University of Pisa in 1998, he obtained a PhD in theoretical Physics from University of Naples "Federico II" in 2003 under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Coniglio. He was a postdoc up to 2009 when he became Assistant Professor at "Sapienza" University of Rome. In 2020 he has been appointed as Associate Professor in theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at "Sapienza" University of Rome after a 3 year tenure track. In 2017 he also obtained the national scientific qualification as Full Professor in theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. In his work Cristiano develops novel theoretical approaches based on classical statistical mechanics and in-house codes (mostly in C and C++) for performing computer simulations. In the context of complex many-body systems such as glasses, gels, supercooled liquids, colloids and liquid crystals the main interests of his research activity are the development (i) of new theoretical approaches for calculating structural, thermodynamic and transport properties, (ii) of coarse-grained models and (iii) of novel algorithms for carrying out Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics (both event-driven and time-driven) and brownian simulations. He published 64 paper on peer-reviewed journals, among which 1 Nature Physics, 3 Nature Communications, 1 ACS Nano, 1 ACS Macroletters and 3 Physical Review Letters. He obtained more than 2200 citations according to Google Scholar with an h-index equal to 28. He has many active collaborations in Italy (Unversity of Milano, Padova and Perugia) and abroad (Juelich, University of Paris Sud, University of Mainz, University of Lund, ETH of Zurich) with experimental and theoretical physicists working on colloids and colloidal liquid crystals. He taught for many years the course "Atomistic Simulations" for the Master degree in Physics and actually he teaches the "Computing Laboratory" course for the bachelor degree in Physics and the course "Computing Methods for Physics" for the master degree in Physics.
Course Code Year Course - Attendance
COMPUTER SKILLS AAF1137 2020/2021 Physics
LABORATORY OF COMPUTING 1035105 2020/2021 Physics
COMPUTING METHODS FOR PHYSICS 1055356 2020/2021 Physics
COMPUTER SKILLS AAF1137 2019/2020 Physics
LABORATORY OF COMPUTING 1035105 2019/2020 Physics
ATOMISTIC SIMULATIONS 10592579 2019/2020 Physics
Atomistic Simulations 1047781 2018/2019 Physics
LABORATORY OF COMPUTING 1035105 2018/2019 Physics
LABORATORY OF COMPUTING 1035105 2017/2018 Physics
Atomistic Simulations 1047781 2017/2018 Physics
Atomistic Simulations 1047781 2016/2017 Physics
PHYSICS I 1015377 2016/2017 Mechanical Engineering
PHYSICS I 1015377 2016/2017 Environmental Engineering
GENERAL PHYSICS 1052116 2016/2017 Geological Sciences