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I am a Rita Levi Montalcini research fellow and a member of the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration.


My research interests include modelling gravitational-wave signals of merging black holes and neutron stars, gravitational-wave data analysis, nuclear astrophysics, and numerical relativity.  I am co-chair of the LIGO-Virgo Gamma-Ray Burst working group, and lead searches for gravitational-wave signals at the time and sky position of gamma-ray burst events.  I am also review co-chair of the LIGO-Virgo Burst Data Analysis Group.


For futher information about me, please see my CV attached to this page, or visit my personal webpage.

Office Hours

Martedì e giovedì 13:30-15:00 (inviare un'email di preavviso per sicurezza)