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Si riavvisano gli studenti che le lezioni per il Corso di Analisi Chimico-Farmaceutica e Tossicologica I (A-L, CTF, 2 anno)

inizieranno lunedì 5 ottobre secondo il seguente calendario;

lunedì ore 13-15, aula D Plesso Tecce (CU018)

mercoledì ore 11-13, aula B Plesso Tecce (CU018)

giovedì ore 13-15, aula Magna (CU019)

Di seguito i dati per accedere alla lezione a distanza: 

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Si ricorda, inoltre, che gli studenti interessati a partecipare alle lezioni in presenza devono prenotare il posto in aula tramite il sistema Prodigit seguendo le istruzioni e le scadenze fornite all'indirizzo web:

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Il docente

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Personal information
Name: Sergio Valente
Work address: Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome (Italy)
Phone number (Lab): 0649913891-0649913976
Phone number (Office): 0649913724
E-mail address:
March 2007
phD Pasteur Science , at Department of Drug Chemistry and Technologies, Sapienza , University of Rome;
March 2003
University degree in Pharmacy 110/110 cum laude at the above mentioned Department.
Reasearch experiences
From March 2020: Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at Department of Drug Chemistry and Technologies, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy;
From October 2011 to March 2020: Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at Department of Drug Chemistry and Technologies, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy;
July-2009-May 2011: Post-doc position (REDCAT, Marie Curie project, [European Community's] Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013], Grant Agreement No. 215009), LIMBP, Université de la Lorraine-Metz, France.
April 2007-June 2009: contract with Sapienza University for research activity at the Department of Drug Chemistry and Technologies, Sapienza , University of Rome.
Main research activity
Design, synthesis and development of small epigenetic modulators of HDACs, SIRTs, HMTs, KDMs, DNMTs) for a new approach to anticancer chemotherapy, neurodegenerative and metabolic pathologies, anti-parasitic treatment.
From July 2007 national abilitation for Pharmacist profession and from January 2015 National Scientific Abilitation (ASN, MIUR) for Associate Professor Position.
Teaching Activity (Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy).
Holder of the course 2015-2019 Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Analysis I , II year of master degree in CTF; holder of the course 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Analysis , II year of master degree in Pharmacy; holder of the course 2011-2012 Laboratory of Extractive and Synthetic Preparation of Drugs , V year of master degree in CTF (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology; member of examination committee, also for Master Degree, integrative lectures and assistance for students; d) tutoring for graduating and PhD students in Medicinal Chemistry.
Congress Communications (oral and posters)
10 oral communications and more than 100 poster communications at National and International Congresses in Medicinal Chemistry.
Paestum (SA), 11 September 2017, National Prize for Medicinal Chemistry Research received by Medicinal Chemistry Division of Italian Chemical Society.
Technical skills and competences
Advanced and microwave-assisted organic synthesis. Molecular modelling. Windows Vista, XP 2003, 2007, 2010, Windows 7-10, ISIS Draw, Chem Bio Draw 2013, MS Office, Spectrometry analysis (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, Mass).
1. Ateneo 2020 Sapienza Project
Title: Design and biological evaluation of novel epigenetic dual-targeting modulators to fight cancer
Position in project: Coordinator
2. Ateneo 2015 Sapienza Project
Title: Design, synthesis, anticancer evaluation of novel irreversible as well as reversible LSD1 inhibitors and development of probes for chemoproteomics of LSD1
Position in project: Coordinator
3. Ateneo 2014 Sapienza Project
Title: Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 inhibitors: a novel strategy anticancer therapy
Position in project: Collaborator
4. Ateneo 2013 Sapienza Project
Title: Regolazione dell'espressione di citochine infiammatorie nel tessuto periprotesico di protesi mammarie siliconiche mediante impiego di inibitori delle istone deacetilasi in un modello sperimentale murino
Position in project: Collaborator
5. Ateneo 2012 Sapienza Project
Title: Novel Probes for Sirtuin Enzymes: a Medicinal Chemistry/Chemical Biology Approach
Position in project: Collaborator
6. European Project EC-GA N°602080; WORK PACKAGE 4, 6, 7
A-PARADDISE 2014-2016
Title: Anti-Parasitic Drug Discovery in Epigenetics
Position in project: Collaborator
7. European Project N° 282520; WORK PACKAGE 15, BLUEPRINT 2011-2016
Title: A BLUEPRINT of Haematopoietic Epigenomes
Position in project: Collaborator
Reviewer activity
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, Expert Opinion on Therapeutics Patents, Pharmacological Research, Frontiers in Pharmacology, Autophagy, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Aging and Disease, Tetrahedron Letters.
Scientific Publications
Author/Co-Author of 126 scientific papers; H-Index: 37, total citations: 4254.

Course Code Year Course - Attendance
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2021/2022 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2020/2021 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2019/2020 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2018/2019 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2017/2018 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
PHARMACEUTICAL AND TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY I 1022761 2016/2017 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
Title Journal Year
Histone-deacetylase 8 drives the immune response and the growth of glioma GLIA 2021
Structure-Guided Development of Small-Molecule PRC2 Inhibitors Targeting EZH2–EED Interaction JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Molecular mechanisms and new therapeutic targets in epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) and fibrosis FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY 2020
Novel quinoline compounds active in cancer cells through coupled DNA methyltransferase inhibition and degradation CANCERS 2020
Tranylcypromine-based LSD1 inhibitors: structure-activity relationships, antiproliferative effects in leukemia, and gene target modulation CHEMMEDCHEM 2020
Targeting the scaffolding role of LSD1 (KDM1A) poises acute myeloid leukemia cells for retinoic acid-induced differentiation SCIENCE ADVANCES 2020
A closer look into NADPH oxidase inhibitors: validation and insight into their mechanism of action REDOX BIOLOGY 2020
Altered mitochondrial function in cells carrying a premutation or unmethylated full mutation of the FMR1 gene HUMAN GENETICS 2020
Discovery of the first human arylsulfatase a reversible inhibitor impairing mouse oocyte fertilization ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 2020
Design of first-in-class dual EZH2/HDAC inhibitor: biochemical activity and biological evaluation in cancer cells ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2020
The innovative potential of statins in cancer: new targets for new therapies FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY 2020
Properly substituted cyclic Bis-(2-bromobenzylidene) compounds behaved as dual p300/CARM1 Inhibitors and Induced apoptosis in cancer cells MOLECULES 2020
CDK9 as a valuable target in cancer: from natural compounds inhibitors to current treatment in pediatric soft tissue sarcomas FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY 2020
Novel Pyridine-Based Hydroxamates and 2'-Aminoanilides as Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Biochemical Profile and Anticancer Activity CHEMMEDCHEM 2020
Identification of novel quinazoline derivatives as potent antiplasmodial agents EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2019
Development of alkyl glycerone phosphate synthase inhibitors: Structure-activity relationship and effects on ether lipids and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cancer cells EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2019
Identification of a novel quinoline-based DNA demethylating compound highly potent in cancer cells CLINICAL EPIGENETICS 2019
Sirtuins as drug targets 2019
Epigenetic Pharmacology in Regenerative Medicine (Epi-Drugs) 2019
Dissecting the role of novel EZH2 inhibitors in primary glioblastoma cell cultures: effects on proliferation, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, migration, and on the pro-inflammatory phenotype CLINICAL EPIGENETICS 2019