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Didattica in fase 3 - corso Molecular Methods

Inizio corso: Lunedì 5 Ottobre 2020

Orario lezioni: Lunedì e Mercoledì ore 9-11

Frequenza in aula: Aula A (Bovet), Fisiologia generale (CU026)

Frequenza da remoto: seguire le istruzioni riportate nella pagina eLearning del corso




The course will start on Monday October 5th 2020

Lectures every Monday and Wednesday h 9:00-11:00 am

Aula A (Bovet), Fisiologia generale (CU026)

To attend lectures remotely follow the instructions on the eLearning site of the course

Monday to Friday after asking an appointment by email

Course Code Year Course - Attendance
Biochemical Methodologies 10598568 2021/2022 Biochemistry
GENETIC INGENEERING AND GENIC THERAPY 1017329 2021/2022 Biotechnology and Genomic for Industry and Environment
Molecular Methods 1051864 2021/2022 Genetics and Molecular Biology
MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1011772 2021/2022 Biology
Molecular Methods 1051864 2020/2021 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Molecular Methods 1051864 2019/2020 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Molecular Methods 1051864 2018/2019 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Molecular Methods 1051864 2017/2018 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Molecular Methods 1051864 2016/2017 Genetics and Molecular Biology
Title Journal Year
Loss of Human TGS1 Hypermethylase Promotes Increased Telomerase RNA and Telomere Elongation CELL REPORTS 2020
Intimate functional interactions between TGS1 and the Smn complex revealed by an analysis of the Drosophila eye development PLOS GENETICS 2020
Silence at the End: How Drosophila Regulates Expression and Transposition of Telomeric Retroelements JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2020
Emerging roles of telomeric chromatin alterations in cancer JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2019
Natural aromatic compounds as scaffolds to develop selective G-quadruplex ligands. From previously reported berberine derivatives to new palmatine analogues MOLECULES 2018
The Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as Countermeasure for Retinal Damage Onboard the International Space Station: the CORM Project MICROGRAVITY, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2018
The Drosophila telomere-capping protein Verrocchio binds single-stranded DNA and protects telomeres from DNA damage response NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017
Telomere maintenance in the dynamic nuclear architecture 2017
WDR79/TCAB1 plays a conserved role in the control of locomotion and ameliorates phenotypic defects in SMA models NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE 2017
A role for Separase in telomere protection NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016
Perylene and coronene derivatives binding to G-rich promoter oncogene sequences efficiently reduce their expression in cancer cells BIOCHIMIE 2016
Evidence for a quadruplex structure in the polymorphic hs1.2 enhancer of the immunoglobulin heavy chain 3’ regulatory regions and its conservation in mammals BIOPOLYMERS 2016
AKTIP/Ft1, a new shelterin-interacting factor required for telomere maintenance PLOS GENETICS 2015
TRF1 and TRF2 binding to telomeres is modulated by nucleosomal organization NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2015