The aims of the course are the physical bases and design fundamentals of widespread use biomedical equipments . The course treats also an overview of past and actual technologies of the cited biomedical equipments.





Generation and propagation of the bioelectric signal. Fundamentals of Applied Electronics. Voltage and current measurement errors. Differential voltage measurement (amplifier, differential amplifier, operational amplifier, instrumentation amplifier. Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR). The electrocardiograph (ECG). Heart and electophysiology. Measurement of cardiac electric potentials. Electrodes positioning. Basic scheme of an electrocardiograph.The electroencephalograph and the electroencephalogram. Electrode positioning- the 10-20 standard.Pacemakers and defibrillators. equipments for measuring the bood pressure. Invasive and non- invasive techniques.Physiology of pulmonary ventilation. Mechanical behavior of pulmonary system. Techniques and equipments for measuring the parameters and physical quantities of the pulmonary system. Equipments for anesthesia and pulmonary ventilation. Various techniques for the supported ventilation.Radiology. Ionizing radiation and bioeffects. Physical and technological basis of the x-ray imaging. Physical quantities for radiology. Overview of a x-rays equipment. The x-ray tube; working principle, design and realization techniques and technologies. Thermal load of the x-ray tube. Rotating anode x-ray tube. Electric motor of the rotating anode. Measurement of the focal spot size. x-ray tube power supply. Radiographic film and dayligth developers. Screen - film radiographic system. The characteristics and quality of radiographic image. Image intensifiers. Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). The technology of a radiographic equipment. Single phase, three phases an high frequency power supply. High voltage transformers. Digital radiology.

Adopted texts

F.P. Branca "Fondamenti di Ingegneria Clinica" - Volume I - Ed. Springer.

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Course sheet
  • Academic year: 2021/2022
  • Curriculum: Ingegneria Clinica (percorso formativo valido anche ai fini del conseguimento del doppio titolo italo-venezuelano)
  • Year: Third year
  • Semester: Second semester
  • SSD: ING-IND/34
  • CFU: 9
  • Attività formative caratterizzanti
  • Ambito disciplinare: Ingegneria biomedica
  • Lecture (Hours): 90
  • CFU: 9.00
  • SSD: ING-IND/34