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Short description of the degree programme


The Master’s Degree in Computer Science, taught in English, offers the opportunity to acquire a wide general knowledge of key areas of modern computer science, such as algorithmics, discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, software programming, artificial intelligence, multimodality, networks and security.

The degree programme is divided into four curricula:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Multimedia Computing and Interaction
  3. Information Science and Applications
  4. Networks and Security

Students can choose nine courses belonging to two groups for each curriculum. The first group includes key courses for the specific curriculum, whereas the second group includes foundation courses and/or courses common to the different curricula.
Several courses involve project work carried out in laboratories, aimed to developing and testing advanced solutions for problems whose complexity is similar to those found in the real world. Besides traditional courses, students can attend one of the complementary six-credit activities offered each year by the CAD (Didactic Area Committee). Such activities equip students with transversal competencies that contribute to making their university career comprehensive and encouraging their access to the job market.

The total number of hours available to students for personal study or other individual activities will be defined according to the degree programme didactic regulations.