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Titolo Rivista Anno
Design and synthesis of piperazine-based compounds conjugated to humanized ferritin as delivery system of siRNA in cancer cells BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2021
Exciplex formation in lipid-bound Escherichia coli flavohemoglobin CHEMPHYSCHEM 2021
Self-assembling ferritin-dendrimer nanoparticles for targeted delivery of nucleic acids to myeloid leukemia cells JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2021
Nuclear imaging for immune cell tracking in vivo – Comparison of various cell labeling methods and their application COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS 2021
Ferritin nanocages for protein delivery to tumor cells MOLECULES 2020
Green route for the isolation and purification of hyrdoxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleacein and oleocanthal from extra virgin olive oil MOLECULES 2020
Ethylchloroformate derivatization for GC-MS analysis of resveratrol isomers in red wine MOLECULES 2020
Biodistribution PET/CT study of hemoglobin-DFO-89Zr complex in healthy and lung tumor-bearing mice INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020
A novel strategy for molecular interfaces optimization: the case of ferritin-transferrin receptor interaction COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2020
Cryo-EM structure of the human ferritin–transferrin receptor 1 complex NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019
Ferritin nanovehicle for targeted delivery of cytochrome C to cancer cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
A gas chromatographic–mass spectrometric method for the simultaneous determination of resveratrol isomers and 2,4,6-trihydroxyphenanthrene in red wines exposed to UV-light JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 2019
Application of crossflow ultrafiltration for scaling up the purification of a recombinant ferritin PROTEIN EXPRESSION AND PURIFICATION 2019
Excimer based fluorescent pyrene-ferritin conjugate for protein oligomerization studies and imaging in living cells RSC ADVANCES 2018
Engineered ferritin for lanthanide binding PLOS ONE 2018
Humanized archaeal ferritin as a tool for cell targeted delivery NANOSCALE 2017
Green routes for the production of enantiopure benzylisoquinoline alkaloids INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2017
Behind resveratrol stabilization by carboxymethylated (1,3/1,6)-beta-D-glucan: does the polyphenol play a role in polymer structural organization? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2017
Improved doxorubicin encapsulation and pharmacokinetics of ferritin-fusion protein nanocarriers bearing proline, serine, and alanine elements BIOMACROMOLECULES 2016
A novel enzymatic strategy for the synthesis of substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines CHEMISTRYSELECT 2016