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Andrea VALLATI has a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. degree in Thermophysical Properties of Materials in University of Ancona year 2001 (16/01/2001).
He is an Assistant Professor of Thermal Sciences (B.S. Civil Engineering) at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome from year 2006 (01/11/2006). He joins Department DIAEE (Department of Astronautic, Electric and Energy Engineering) of Sapienza University of Rome. He is a member of the PhD Course in Energy and Environment at Sapienza University of Rome and a member of a Final Doctoral Commission of Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Cracow. He is the Manager and Scientific Responsible of the Laboratory of Energy and Thermodynamic of DIAEE Department.
He serves as a reviewer for several archival scientific journals, including Applied Thermal Engineering, Energies, International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow, Sustainability, Heat Transfer Engineering, Applied Energy, Journal of Energy Storage) as well as for international conferences (UIT, International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer) and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal, Journal of Power Technologies and Rynek Energii.
He was two times Visiting Professor at the Cracow University of Technology in 2016 and 2017 year. Prof. Vallati provided the lectures to the Energy Engineering students on Energy Storage systems with compressed air (CAES) and Microclimate in the urban contest.
He is the Scientific Responsible of the Agreement between Sapienza University of Rome (DIAEE Department) and Cracow University of Technology in Energy and Environment regarding the common research in the energy field, the Double Ph.D. Diploma, the academic exchange, write common EU project proposal and in general to organize Intarnational Conference in the heat exchange and energy field.
He has also been a member of Scientific Committee of ICCHMT Conferences and Local Chair of ICCHMT 2019 Conference. He has been, and currently is, the scientific coordinator of several research projects granted by Sapienza University of Rome. He is a member of a Board of ATI Lazio (Italian Association of Thermal Energy), member of International Association named ICCHMT, Honorary Member of Sociedad Brasileira de Meio Ambiente e Controle de Qualidade do Ar de Interiores, Member of Polish National Science Centre (NCN) how reviwer of International Research Project, Member of European Commission in the Horizon 20202 program and Member of International Association named DYMAMESI (dynamics of machines and mechanical systems with interactions). His current research interests include energy saving, energy and buildings, CFD in outdoor and indoor environment, energy efficiency, optimization of HVAC systems and the heat transfer above the soil. He is author or co-author of more than 100 scientific works on heat transfer, applied thermodynamics and energy saving, 41 of which are published in peer-reviewed international journals. The Hindex is 14 (Scopus index) and number of citations in the last 10 year is 375.

Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2021/2022 Ingegneria Civile
FISICA TECNICA AMBIENTALE 1012260 2021/2022 Ingegneria edile-architettura
FISICA TECNICA AMBIENTALE 1012260 2020/2021 Ingegneria edile-architettura
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2020/2021 Ingegneria Civile
FISICA TECNICA 1015383 2019/2020 Ingegneria Elettrotecnica
FISICA TECNICA AMBIENTALE 1012260 2019/2020 Ingegneria edile-architettura
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2019/2020 Ingegneria Civile
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2018/2019 Ingegneria Civile
FISICA TECNICA 1015383 2018/2019 Ingegneria Elettrotecnica
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2017/2018 Ingegneria Civile
FISICA TECNICA 1017671 2016/2017 Ingegneria Civile
Titolo Rivista Anno
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Multiobjective optimization of underground power cable systems ENERGY 2020
Energy analysis of a thermal system composed by a heat pump coupled with a PVT solar collector ENERGY 2019
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