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Name Ph. D. Barbara Calabrese
E-mail barbara.calabrese@uniroma1.it
Nationality Italian
Date and place of birth Rome il 30/3/1963


DEGREE IN SOCIOLOGY ADDRESS institutional policy, with the Supervisor prof. Paolo De Nardis, Faculty of Sociology of 'UNIVERSITY OF ROME "LA SAPIENZA.

Dottore di Ricerca con votazione Ottimo con Lode in Sociologia e Scienze Sociali

GRADUATE LEVEL IN THE MASTER "Criminology Sciences, INVESTIGATIVE AND DEFENSE - Academic Year 2005-2006, at the Free University" S. Pio V ", Via delle Sette Chiese, 139 Rome, on January 20, 2007.

MASTER IN "ART OF SELF-HELPING (psicografodinamico orientation), 200 hours, achieved in the laboratory of LINGRAF of Urbania and the Centre for Clinical Psychology in Rome on May 7, 2006.

DIPLOMA IN COUNSELING DEL LINGUAGGIO GRAFOMO-TORIO, rilasciato, vista la documentazione, dall Istituto di Counseling della S.S.I.Co.l.G., Soc. Sc. Ital. Consulenti del linguaggio grafico di Urbania, nel giugno 2007. Iscritta al Registro Professionale della S.S.I.Co.l.G. al n. 6 dal 2007 come Counselor Trainer.

DIPLOMA IN COUNSELING RELATIONAL GRAFODINAMICO, issued on March 6, 2011, by the Institute of Counseling S.S.I.Co.lG, Sc Soc Ital Consultants graphic language of Urbania, as recognition of past achievements and activities of professional counseling in the medical breakthrough made in the context of providing service since 01/12/1986 at the Department of Surgery "Pietro Valdonica" Policlinico Umberto I in Rome - UNIVERSITY OF ROME "LA SAPIENZA".


Certificate of Attendance WWORKSHOP TEORICO-ESPERENZIALE DI PSICOTERAPIA DELLA GESTALT ED ANALISI TRANSAZIONALE Director of the specialist school Dr. Antonio Ferrara, at the Judicial Psychiatric Hospital "Filippo Saporito" in Aversa (Caserta), dated 20/10/2007

Certificate of Attendance at study days and training organized Judicial Psychiatric Hospital "Filippo Saporito" Aversa (Caserta) "OPG" Aversa, "social dangerousness: legal requirements and clinical needs" 16 to 17 February 2007, the respective certificate issued by the Director Prison Dr. F. Ferraro

DIPLOMAS Criminological Psycho-Forensic Sciences, obtained at the police station in Rome in Via Statilia organized by MINISTERO DEGLI INTERNI in collaboration with THE UNIVERSITY OF ROME "LA SAPIENZA", Master's Second Degree in Forensic Science, Director Prof. Francesco Bruno, Scientific Coordinator Prof. Mr. Fusaro, respectively, in the academic years 2003-2004, 2004-2005

Certificate of attendance workshop of a total of four hours , organized by I.S.P.C. (Psychological Sciences Institute of Criminology, School for Interpreters Translators, Via Gregorio VII, 126 -130 Rome) at the chamber of the Police Headquarters in Rome, Via Statilia in "socio-psycho-criminological aspects of Satanism criminal," February 7, 2004

Certificate of attendance workshop of a total of four hours , organized by I.S.P.C. (Psychological Sciences Institute of Criminology, School for Interpreters Translators, Via Gregorio VII, 126 -130 Rome) at the chamber of the Police Headquarters in Rome, Via Statilia in " Serial Killer aspects of Satanism criminal," February 7, 2004

Certificate of attendance workshop of a total of four hours , organized by I.S.P.C. (Psychological Sciences Institute of Criminology, School for Interpreters Translators, Via Gregorio VII, 126 -130 Rome) at the chamber of the Police Headquarters in Rome, Via Statilia in " Terrorismo e Globalizzazion e aspects of Satanism criminal," February 7, 2004

Seminar of Association ARIGRAF (Italian Association for Research Grafologica) headquarters in Rome in Via Poliziano 70, "dysgraphia", December 2006

Seminar and participation at the conference "Cervello mistico" organized by the Faculty of Psychology, University of Rome La Sapienza, "with its certificate in 2007

Enrolled in the Course of Expertise all'Arigraf Prof. Raffaele Caselli academic year 2010-2011

Registered at the AIS, the Italian Association of Sociology of Rome in Via Salaria 113, as Adjunct Professor in Sociology materials, and membership in the following sessions: 1. Sociology of Health and Medicine, 2. Sociological Theory and Social Transformation, 3. Cultural Institutions and Processes 4. Sociology of Law.

Enrolled in the SIFPP - SOCIETA ITALIANA FORMAZIONE PSICHIATRICA PENITENZIARIA E FORENSE, year 2007, at OPG Aversa (Caserta), non-renewal of registration.

Enrolled in the AIPI, Italian Association of Investigative Psychology Prof. P. Rossi, as a member, Reggio Emilia 2006, non-renewal of the registration

Enrolled at the Editor of Criminology since 2006

Registered with the Associazione Psicologia Insieme 2006 is not renewed the registration

Registered all'ARIGRAF from 2006, the Italian Association Grafologica Italian and French, based in Rome in Via Poliziano 70

Registered at the European dysgraphia Association based in Rome - AED - as a collaborator.

Academic Coordinator, member of the teaching scientific discipline, a professor of the Master's Second Degree in "Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine." University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty I of Medicine and Surgery Pietro Valdoni, center, chairman prof. Antonino Cavallaro,Vice Presidents, Prof. Mariano Bizzarri, Rosanna Cerbo

Collaboration and registration at the Italian Society of Pedagogy Holistic Education (The company works with government agencies, hospitals, public and private companies, school districts Isfar, ANPEC, CONSFORM Medical-equipements) as a sociologist and criminologist, located in Pienza Via 251, 00138 Rome from December 2006;

Enrolled at the S. Ipsi Regione Lazio years 2010

Enrolled 2001 and included the publication and publish articles on Journ of Psychol. And Psychiat. National President Dr. Fonti Michele. "Neurophysiology Disorders of reading and writing: agraphia and aphasia.

Registered as a professional active member in the SSICo.lG, since 2010.

Certificate of Course "Scientific English" issued by the University of Rome La Sapienza, in February 2008;

Certificate Course in German issued to 'University of Rome "La Sapienza" in March 2009.


Speaker at the Conference "EDUCATION TO LIFE, HOW, WHERE, WHEN, CLINICAL PEDAGOGY AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY '" Organised by the Italian Society of Holistic Education, ANPEC, Association Naz. Pedagogisti Clinicians and educators ISFAR post university of professions, March 21, 2007 HOTEL IMPERIAL, report entitled "Society and bullying: phenomenon or reality?"

Director of I Level D6 Health, since December 1 1986, employed by MURST, employed by the Department of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni," University of Rome "La Sapienza", Policlinico Umberto I of Rome

Teaching in the Degree Course in Nursing and Midwifery Science Professor Ferdinando Romano - University of Rome "La Sapienza", Polo Lazio South Latina, for the following subjects:

Logic and Philosophy of Science The first year I semestre aa 2005-2006;

Discipline Demo-Ethno-Amtropologiche The first year I semester AA 2005-2006;

Social Psychology The first year II semester a.a.

The assignments have been renewed for the academic year, 2006-2007, 2007-2008;

Course: Degree in Pediatric Nursing at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" since 2007 of the First Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Company Policlinico Umberto I° of Rome, headquarters for Sociology and Demo-ethno-anthropological Disciplines since 2007-2008 academic year

Lecturer in the Degree Course in Sciences in Diagnostic Techniques for Health Professions, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rome La Sapienza, president of course Prof. Stefania Morrone , teaching in:

General Sociology, integrated course of Humanities science and educational
psychology, I st year, II semester appointment renewed since years 2006-2007,

Teaching in the First Level Master of Science in Criminology, Law Societies and defense of the Free University of St. Pio V in Rome academic year 2006/2007.

The undersigned normally working since 12.01.1986 , the Department of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni" Policlinico Umberto I in Rome - University of Rome "La Sapienza".


Publication of Prof. Barbara Calabrese on Writing Criminology, with website, newsletter No 8, 15 April 2007 Article Title: Report on the Company and Bullying, section edited by Dr. Rita Giorgi, criminologist pedagogist, curator and scientific director of the site's scientific network new addiction and national contact Mrs. Rosa Mininni psychologist psychotherapist.

Publication in the Journal of Bioethics, with numerous articles including "neurofisiopatlogici Disorders of reading and writing.

Publication in January 2009 as a university text book author "graphic, an instrument of the mind and the subliminal message" Kappa Edizioni in Rome. Presentation of the book to the library Mondo Libri in Viterbo for the World Books literary salon under the aegis of the Municipality of the Province of Viterbo.

Outside Staff Association and Holistic education in Rome at the Clinical Center of Pedagogy Via Pienza, 251 00138 Rome, Director prof. Rosanna Alfieri .

Freelance at the Cicchetti's Law Firm, Via Ulpiano 29 Rome.

Request features for the jury as a family mediator at CTU headquarters in Rome;

Report to Congress in Cava de Tirreni on May 27, 2010 "From Fragility to deviance", speech on the theme: "Experience of violence in romantic relationships in adolescence."

Publication on the website criminologi.com Director Dr. Rita Giorgi of Viterbo. "Bullying" since 2008.

Preface text "Analyst of criminal behavior" Publisher Kappa Roma university editions.

Publication at several sites crimine.it (Dr. M. Aloia) and press releases.

Presentation text literary salon of Rome "Crimes and Beloved" author Patricioni Patrick, writer.

http://www.patriziopacioni.com/cardona/2010/03/01/a-viterbo-un-mondo-pie... libri-ma-non-solo/









Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology-General, the three-year degree course in Nursing Science, The Faculty I of Medicine. Polo di Pomezia (Rome Province) University of Rome La Sapienza, the academic year 2006-2007, the first semester. 2007-2008; office renewed academic year 2009-2010

Visiting Professor in Sociology Courses for OTA. OSS organized by the Faculty II of Medicine, University of Rome La Sapienza, Dean prof. Vincenzo Ziparo and by the St. Andrew Company of Rome, at the same structure for the academic years 2006-2007, 2007-2008

Course: Degree in Science of Prevention, President Prof. A. Boccia, University of Rome "La Sapienza", aa 2005-2006, second year second semester, for the following matters: 1. Sociology of Economic Affairs and Labour; The appointment was renewed for the 2006-2007 academic year, Coordinator of the Second Semester for the 2006-2007 academic year,Second Year of the Specialized Degree in the above object, the task renewed ' year 2007-2008

Teaching Degree in Dentistry at the University of Rome La Sapienza in Sociology and General Dentistry Forensic investigation techniques applied to criminology academic year 2009-2010

Teaching at The Degree in Medical Assistant, chairman prof. Salvatore Bonacci, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rome "La Sapienza", located in Via Don Orione No. 8, Rome, AA 2005-2006 The second year, II semester, for the following matters : Sociology of Environment and Territory - Social Psychology. The appointment was renewed since the 2006-2007 academic year, 2007-2008.

Teaching Degree at the University of Health Professions for the First Level Degree in Nursing-D - Air Force School of Health, based in Rome, President Prof. Mario Rengo Course for the academic year 2007/2008, in the following disciplines:
- Sociology of Deviance
- Social Security Sociology
- General Sociology
- Introduction to Sociology
- Sociology of Economic and Labour
- Sociology of cultural and communication processes. Positions reconfirmed
- Lecturer in two courses organized by the ECM Policlinico Umberto I, refresher courses for doctors and nurses assigned No 11 formstional credits E.C.M. in "ethical and psychosocial aspects of female incontinence" on January 31, 2006,
1. "Ethics of care and care ethics: without synergies labels" on 8-9 February 2006.

Rapporteur during ECM organized by the Policlinico Umberto I and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery I for upgrade of doctors and nurses No 16 credits on February 22, 2008 in the topics addressed by the psycho-sociological point of view both on the part of operators by users for various diseases of the male and female urinary incontinence, in the classroom Valdoni Department of Surgery Pietro Valdoni, Policlinico Umberto I in Rome

Unique Seminar Speaker about graphology aspects and the study of personality in various vascular diseases, with a practical demonstration by consulting medical records, on March 15, 2008 organized by the Association Center Sofia, Surgery Department Pietro Valdoni , Policlinico Umberto I in Rome

Speaker at three seminars university degree courses for the Health Professions I Level - Degree Course in Nursing "D" - Military Health School of Aeronautics, based in Rome, President Prof. Mario Rengo, the issues discussed were:

o 1. "Relational approach between nurses and inmates in prisons and the problems of discomfort as a symptom of mental illness" on March 13, 2006,
o 2. "Serial Murders of women, ritual murder of women, the satanic cults and crime for women, the historical development and the origins of crime since the witch hunt , on January 18, 2007,
o 3. "The study of personality. Methods compared: psychological studies investigation ", dated 28 May 2007.

Teaching Course Criminological Sciences, Investigation and defense held at the police union president Professors Francesco Barresi, Prof. Dr. Vice-Questor Roberto Mongardini , held in Bologna, Milan, 2007-2008, for the topics of:
- " bullying phenomenon or reality?
- The Psychology Graphology and the study of personality from handwriting to identify individuals as socially dangerous
- Graphology and deviance
- The Sociology of Social Security
- Social Psychology .

Teaching Advanced Training Course at the Free University of Foggia St. Pio V on November 17, 2007, "Bullying, bullying in the feminine, the Gang and the Baby Gang in Italy and America, the herd as a group phenomenon and deviances related to adolescent behavioral distress "

Lecturer at the Seminar at the Association of Psychology Together, March 13, 2009: The elderly and senile graphology. - March 28, 2009

Speaker at a seminar "The elderly can manage without pity" - Speech on: Graphology and the elders at the town of the province of Rieti Casperia

Speaker during ECM University of Rome La Sapienza - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery held at the University of Viterbo on 6 / 5 / 2010.

Rapporteur of the course held in Rieti September 23, 2010 Study Centre Sofia CSS ECM training event during university Sabina

Rapporteur Isfar Higher Institute of Education Research Update May 13, 2010 Florence Analyst criminal behavior

Rapporteur Isfar, ANPEC, "Cava de 'Tirreni - May 27, 2010" From Fragility to deviance "for the socio-criminological aspects of homicide in the family.

Speaker at the Fifth National Congress on "Bullying Prevention and Intervention, Frentani Congress Centre , Rome, Saturday, October 6, 2010,
Characteristics of the victim personalogiche

Rapporteur Mercato San Severino December 14, 2010 "forensic and legal approach to violence"

Speaker at the 'Pleasure and Commercial Secondary School "Giovanni Caboto" Gaeta "how to prevent youth distress through writing, drawing and scarabocchio2 Gaeta, 20/12/2010

Rapporteur of the following thesis:
Rapporteur of the Thesis in Science of professional health of Prevention entitled "Tai Chi Chuan and Development sociological aspect of this technique applied as a preventive measure for the health of people" graduate Sylvia Kolczok Academic Year 2005-2006

Rapporteur Degree in Science of Prevention specialistic academic year 2005/2006, Dr. Raffaele Moretti "The investigation as a social problem in the light of the new criminal trial. The Role of the Judiciary. Work on the main investigative techniques.

Rapporteur of the Thesis in Nursing "D", Thesis title "Domestic violence the role of the nurse, graduating Emilia The serene academic year 2007-2008.

Rapporteur of the Thesis in Nursing "D", "The nurse and her role within the OPG" Amanda Avagliano AA 2007/2008

Rapporteur of Thesis - "The combination of communication and organizational Wellness as future tools of innovation in the management of hospital," student Stefano Aquilea academic year 2008-2009. Degree Course in Sciences of Nursing Diagnostic Techniques
Speaker of Thesis - "Andrology, Sexology and Psychology Science and Three science Comparison," Rita Brescia graduate academic year 2009-2010, Master degree in Science of Nursing Diagnostic Techniques

Rapporteur of the Thesis in Sciences of Nursing Diagnostic Techniques - Dr. Andrea Pace AA 2009-2010 "The communicative function in the management of human resources"

Rapporteur of the thesis entitled "Prevention and Communication, Information and its means to guarantee the health" Dr. Valerio Giuseppe Cammarata aa 2009-2010 Degree Course in Sciences Degree Prfessioni Medical Diagnostic Techniques

Speaker of the Faculty Degree The Science of Psychology I in Clinical Psychology and Dynamics of the Person and Community Organizations "The Pathology of sex in the crime serial" Dr. Maria Incaldana Cattolico aa 2009-2010

Rapporteur Degree in Nursing-D. Dr. Aeron.Militare dott.ssa Mariasilvia Cotticeli "the role of the nurse within carcei Italian and OPG: prevention health and the increasing number of suicides" in April 2011.


I declare that the information contained in this Curriculum Vitae are true and accurate.

I Authorize the use of personal information, including sensitive ones, within the meaning and effect of the law 31/12/1996, n. 675 for the purposes specified in this notice of candidacy.

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