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Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare Bacheca
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2023/2024
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2023/2024
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2022/2023
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2022/2023
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2021/2022
FISICA 1008195 2021/2022
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2021/2022
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2020/2021
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2020/2021
FISICA 1008195 2020/2021
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2019/2020
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2019/2020
FISICA 1008195 2019/2020
FISICA 1008195 2018/2019
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2018/2019
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 10589922 2018/2019
PHYSICS LABORATORY I 1055349 2017/2018
PHYSICS LABORATORY II 1055350 2017/2018
FISICA 1008195 2016/2017
LABORATORIO DI FISICA 1023782 2016/2017

Su appuntamento ogni giorno della settimana

Working on experimental particles physics.

Since more than 10 years member of the MEG collaboration looking for lepton flavour violation in charged lepton decays

Interested in accelerator physics, since 2006 I have been studying the coherent interactions of charged particles with crystals and their application to accelerators. Since 2009 I took the leadership of the Italian groups in the UA9 collaboration at CERN (beam collimation with crystal channeling to upgrade the performance of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN).
Thanks to my ERC-CoG project CRYSBEAM I am currently involved in various project exploiting bent crystals for particle beam manipulation.

Recently I started to study new experimental methods of direct detection of dark matter, namely using anisotropic target carbon nanotubes or with gas time projection chamber, both sensitive to galactic dark matter direction. I am a founding member of the PTOLEMY and of the CYGNO collaborations.

More detailed info at https://sites.google.com/uniroma1.it/gianlucacavoto-eng/home?authuser=0