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Titolo Rivista Anno
The potential role of trans-critical CO2 heat pumps within a solar cooling system for building services: The hybridised system energy analysis by a dynamic simulation model RENEWABLE ENERGY 2021
Implementation and Simulation of Real Load Shifting Scenarios Based on a Flexibility Price Market Strategy—The Italian Residential Sector as a Case Study ENERGIES 2021
How climate change affects the building energy consumptions due to cooling, heating, and electricity demands of italian residential sector ENERGIES 2020
Seasonal energy and environmental characterization of a micro gas turbine fueled with H2NG blends ENERGY 2020
How the italian residential sector could contribute to load flexibility in demand response activities: a methodology for residential clustering and developing a flexibility strategy ENERGIES 2020
An Experimental Investigation on Energy Performance of The Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal System E3S WEB OF CONFERENCES 2020
Adsorption gas Heat Pump fuelled with hydrogen enriched natural gas blends: The analytical simulation model development and validation E3S WEB OF CONFERENCES 2020
Heading towards 100% of renewable energy sources fraction. A critical overview on smart energy systems planning and flexibility measures E3S WEB OF CONFERENCES 2020
Energy-environmental experimental campaign on a commercial CHP fueled with H2NG blends and oxygen enriched air hailing from on-site electrolysis ENERGY 2020
Synergy between smart energy systems simulation tools for greening small Mediterranean islands RENEWABLE ENERGY 2019
Dynamic simulation model of trans-critical carbon dioxide heat pump application for boosting low temperature distribution networks in dwellings ENERGIES 2019
Energy Use in Residential Buildings: Characterisation for Identifying Flexible Loads by Means of a Questionnaire Survey ENERGIES 2019
Energy use in residential buildings: Impact of building automation control systems on energy performance and flexibility ENERGIES 2019
Analysis on the potential of an energy aggregator for domestic users in the Italian electricity system 2019
Hybrid systems adoption for lowering historic buildings PFEC (primary fossil energy consumption) - A comparative energy analysis RENEWABLE ENERGY 2018
Analysing economic and environmental sustainability related to the use of battery and hydrogen energy storages for increasing the energy independence of small islands ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2018
Power-to-gas leverage effect on power-to-heat application for urban renewable thermal energy systems INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 2018
Innovative hybrid energy systems for heading towards NZEB qualification for existing buildings 2018
Heading towards the nZEB through CHP+HP systems. A comparison between retrofit solutions able to increase the energy performance for the heating and domestic hot water production in residential buildings ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT 2017
How to handle the Hydrogen enriched Natural Gas blends in combustion efficiency measurement procedure of conventional and condensing boilers ENERGY 2017
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ENERGY MANAGEMENT 1047241 2021/2022 Ingegneria Energetica - Energy Engineering
IMPIANTI TECNICI 1025857 2020/2021 Architettura
IMPIANTI TECNICI 1025857 2019/2020 Architettura
IMPIANTI TECNICI 1025857 2018/2019 Architettura
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