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Laboratory of Monetary and Financial Statistics 2020


Dear Students, please find below the lessons scheduled until the end of March.

The classes will take place from 4pm to 6 pm as per our original schedule, in remote mode using the free application Zoom, https://www.zoom.us/ that we already tested successully. Fifteen minutes before the start of each class, I will send via e-mail the link to join the class via zoom.

To be added to the mailing list of the course or for any queries, please send me an email at gianmatteocarlo.piazza@bancaditalia.it



Monetary and Financial Statistics: compilation and uses Massimiliano Affinito Monday 16 March 2020
Firms’ financing in Italy and other advanced countries Paolo Finaldi Russo Monday 23 March 2020
The Italian Balance of Payments Silvia Sabatini Monday 30 March 2020



Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
LABORATORY OF FINANCIAL AND MONETARY STATISTICS AAF1877 2019/2020 Statistical Methods and Applications
LABORATORY OF FINANCIAL AND MONETARY STATISTICS AAF1877 2018/2019 Statistical Methods and Applications
SEMINARI SU STATISTICHE MONETARIE E FINANZIARIE AAF1737 2017/2018 Scienze statistiche e decisionali