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Titolo Rivista Anno
Immune complexes exposed on mast cell-derived nanovesicles amplify allergic inflammation ALLERGY 2020
A comprehensive analysis of liposomal biomolecular corona upon human plasma incubation: the evolution towards the lipid corona TALANTA 2020
Bone marrow stromal cell-derived IL-8 upregulates PVR expression on multiple myeloma cells via NF-kB transcription factor CANCERS 2020
Effect of protein corona on the transfection efficiency of lipid-coated graphene oxide-based cell transfection reagents PHARMACEUTICS 2020
Personalized Graphene Oxide-Protein Corona in the Human Plasma of Pancreatic Cancer Patients FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
Impact of the protein corona on nanomaterial immune response and targeting ability WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS. NANOMEDICINE AND NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2020
A mechanistic explanation of the inhibitory role of the protein corona on liposomal gene expression BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES 2020
Mechanistic insights into the release of doxorubicin from graphene oxide in cancer cells NANOMATERIALS 2020
A protein corona sensor array detects breast and prostate cancers NANOSCALE 2020
Effect of glucose on liposome–plasma protein interactions: relevance for the physiological response of clinically approved liposomal formulations ADVANCED BIOSYSTEMS 2019
Microfluidic manufacturing of surface-functionalized graphene oxide nanoflakes for gene delivery NANOSCALE 2019
Insulin secretory granules labelled with phogrin-fluorescent proteins show alterations in size, mobility and responsiveness to glucose stimulation in living β-cells SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2019
Interplay of protein corona and immune cells controls blood residency of liposomes NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2019
Disease-specific protein corona sensor arrays may have disease detection capacity NANOSCALE HORIZONS 2019
The biomolecular corona of gold nanoparticles in a controlled microfluidic environment LAB ON A CHIP 2019
Converting the personalized biomolecular corona of graphene oxide nanoflakes into a high-throughput diagnostic test for early cancer detection NANOSCALE 2019
Effect of molecular crowding on the biological identity of liposomes: an overlooked factor at the bio-nano interface NANOSCALE ADVANCES 2019
Microfluidic-generated lipid-graphene oxide nanoparticles for gene delivery APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2019
Protein corona fingerprints of liposomes: New opportunities for targeted drug delivery and early detection in pancreatic cancer PHARMACEUTICS 2019
Improving the accuracy of pancreatic cancer clinical staging by exploitation of nanoparticle-blood interactions: A pilot study PANCREATOLOGY 2018