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Protein–protein interaction network analysis applied to DNA copy number profiling suggests new perspectives on the aetiology of Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021
True conversions from RAS mutant to RAS wild-type in circulating tumor DNA from metastatic colorectal cancer patients as assessed by methylation and mutational signature CANCER LETTERS 2021
Striking phenotypic overlap between Nicolaides-Baraitser and Coffin-Siris syndromes in monozygotic twins with ARID1B intragenic deletion EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS 2020
Harmonization of Next-Generation Sequencing Procedure in Italian Laboratories: A Multi-Institutional Evaluation of the SiRe® Panel FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2020
Identification of a variant hotspot in MYBPC3 and of a novel CSRP3 autosomal recessive alteration in a cohort of Polish patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy POLSKIE ARCHIWUM MEDYCYNY WEWNETRZNEJ 2020
A novel CDKN2A in-frame deletion associated with pancreatic cancer-melanoma syndrome DERMATOLOGY ONLINE JOURNAL 2020
Autism Spectrum Disorder in a patient with a genomic rearrangement that only involves the EPHA5 gene PSYCHIATRIC GENETICS 2019
Familial hypomagnesaemia, Hypercalciuria and Nephrocalcinosis associated with a novel mutation of the highly conserved leucine residue 116 of Claudin 16 in a Chinese patient with a delayed diagnosis: A case report BMC NEPHROLOGY 2018
Identification of a novel TSC2 c.3610G > A, p.G1204R mutation contribute to aberrant splicing in a patient with classical tuberous sclerosis complex: a case report BMC MEDICAL GENETICS 2018
Biallelic variants in the ciliary gene TMEM67 cause RHYNS syndrome EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2018
A novel germline mutation in CDK4 codon 24 associated to familial melanoma CLINICAL GENETICS 2017
Functional Characterization of a Novel Truncating Mutation in Lamin A/C Gene in a Family with a Severe Cardiomyopathy with Conduction Defects CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2017
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Clinical and molecular characterization of a boy with intellectual disability, facial dysmorphism, minor digital anomalies and a complex IL1RAPL1 intragenic rearrangement EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY 2016
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Variability in a three-generation family with pierre robin sequence, acampomelic campomelic dysplasia, and intellectual disability due to a novel ∼1 Mb deletion upstream of SOX9, and including KCNJ2 and KCNJ16 BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH. PART A, CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR TERATOLOGY 2016
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