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Dr. Linda Giresini graduated from the University of Pisa in 2011 and obtained her PhD at the University of Pisa in 2015. She taught structural engineering and earthquake engineering courses at the University of Pisa, University of Sassari, University of Rome, University of Munich, University of Aachen (Germany), University of Guimaraes (Portugal) for MoS and PhD students.
Dr. Giresini s research interests include earthquake engineering, innovative dissipation devices for the mitigation of seismic risk, experimental tests on masonry and r.c. structures, seismic vulnerability assessment of existing buildings, sustainable and resilient infrastructures, low-cost structural solutions for developing countries, rehabilitation of archaeological sites. She has three patents and is author of more than 100 publications, 60 of which in indexed international journals and indexed conference proceedings.
She obtained her national Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in Structural Engineering in 2018, and as Full Professor in 2021.

Publications in International Journals
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