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A Machine-Learnt Wall Function for Rotating Diffusers 2021
A Machine-Learnt Wall Function for Rotating Diffusers JOURNAL OF TURBOMACHINERY 2021
Prediction of ventilation effectiveness for lm9000 package with machine learning 2020
Numerical investigation of CSP air cooled condenser fan 2020
Identification of poorly ventilated zones in gas-turbine enclosures with machine learning 2019
Modelling of sonic jets for gas leak applications 2019
A multidimensional extension of Balje chart for axial flow turbomachinery using artificial intelligence-based meta-models JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING FOR GAS TURBINES AND POWER 2019
Exploration of axial fan design space with data-driven approach INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TURBOMACHINERY, PROPULSION AND POWER 2019
Assessment of a machine-learnt adaptive wall-function in a compressor cascade with sinusoidal leading edge 2019
On surrogate-based optimization of truly reversible blade profiles for axial fans. DESIGNS 2018
A meta-model for aerodynamic properties of a reversible profile in cascade with variable stagger and solidity 2018
Effects of fan inflow distortions on heat exchange in air-cooled condensers. Unsteady computations with synthetic blade model 2018
Optimization of an axial fan for air cooled condensers ENERGY PROCEDIA 2017