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Prof. Luca Correani





Prof. Luca Correani

You can contact me by e-mail - correani@unitus.it

Curriculum Vitae


1 Personal Information

Born in Viterbo, 29/08/1972.
Current position: Researcher, Tuscia University, Viterbo.

2 Contact information

University address: Department of Economics and Business,
Via del Paradiso, 47 , 01100 Viterbo, Italy.
phone: 0761301739. cell: 3711231365
E-mail: correani@unitus.it
website: www.correani.wixsite.com/correani

3 Academic History

3.1 Education

2018: Italian National Scientific Habilitation as Associate Professor in Political Economy and Applied Economics.
2003: PhD, University of Ancona.
2001: Master of Science in Economics, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain.
2000-2003: PhD in economics, University of Ancona.
2000: Summer school in Econometrics, University of Bologna.
1999: Master of Science in Economics, Momigliano Institute, Terni
1997: Degree in economics, Tuscia Univerity, Viterbo.

3.2 Teaching and research positions

2018: Course: Game Theory. Doctoral School of Economics, Tuscia University, DEIM.
Researcher in Economics, University of Tuscia, since 2004.
Courses: Economics, Industrial Organization, since 2001.
Research Fellow, Ministry of Economics and Finance (MEF), Rome, Italy 2016: General Equilibrium Environmental model with R&D sector.
2016-2020: Innovafrica. Horizon 2020
2006: Course: Signalling Games and Evolutionary Game Theory. Doctoral school of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome, Departement of Economics.

3.3 Awards & Grants

2018: Grant: Environmental Policy and firm networks. Enea.
2016: Grant: Environmental Networks. Enea.
2015: Grant: Firm networks and technological diffusion. Enea.
2007 Grant: Local Organizations and Competitiveness. Department of Public Administration.
2004 Grant: Social Capital and Industrial Districts. Carivit.

4 Areas of Research

Game Theory
Industrial Organization
Network Economics
DSGE Models
Environmental Economics

5 Writings

5.1 Articles: English Publications

Correani L., Di Dio F., (2020) Quality-improving and cost reducing strategic alliances. Economia Politica.
Correani L., Di Dio F., (2019) Collaboration networks in a Hotelling game. Economics Bullettin 39(1): 127-141.
Correani L., Di Dio F., Annicchiarico B. (2018) Environmental policy and endogenous market structure. Resource and Energy Economics 52: 186-215.
Correani L., Di Dio F. (2017) A Note on Network Stability in a Three-Firm Hotelling Game. Operations Research Letters 45: 289-292
Correani L. (2016), Fundamentalism and Democracy: A dynamic Perspective. Research in Applied Economics 8(4): 16-32

Correani L., Di Dio F., Patrì S., (2015), The simple analytics of optimal growth with migration, Quality and Quantity, Vol. 49, issue 2, pp. 441-454

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5.2 Articles: Italian Publications

Correani L, Garofalo G., Neri E., (2009), Ricerca condivisa, cooperazione e crescita locale: i vantaggi dei consorzi tecnologici, L Industria, Vol.1 pp. 123-148.

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Correani L, Cavallo A., Sorrentino A., (2006) Assetto istituzionale e processo negoziale nella riforma della PAC: un modello di giochi evolutivi, Rivista di Economia Agraria, LXI, n°4 , pp. 541-590.