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Mercoledì 17.30 - 19.30

Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
POLITICA ECONOMICA 1017517 2021/2022 Management e diritto d'impresa (sede di Latina)
MICROECONOMIA - ANALISI E POLITICHE 10596360 2021/2022 Economia politica - Economics
MICROECONOMIA - ANALISI E POLITICHE 10596470 2021/2022 Finanza e assicurazioni - Finance and insurance
SCIENZA DELLE FINANZE 1006627 2020/2021 Scienze aziendali
SCIENZA DELLE FINANZE 1006627 2017/2018 Scienze aziendali
Titolo Rivista Anno
The effects of COVID-19 lockdown on fairness and cooperation. Evidence from a lablike experiment ECONOMICS LETTERS 2020
Suboptimality of Probability Matching − a Formal Proof, a Graphical Analysis and an Impulse Balance Interpretation Social Science Research Network 2020
Moral hazard and compensation packages. does reshuffling matter? ECONOMIC THEORY 2019
Gender differences in yielding to social influence. an impunity experiment GAMES 2018
Intention-based sharing GAMES 2018
Does heterogeneity spoil the basket? The role of productivity and feedback information on public good provision JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS 2018
Behavioral spillovers in local public good provision. An experimental study JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY 2018
Financial Literacy and Bank Runs: An Experimental Analysis Social Science Research Network 2017
Experience and gender effects in acquisition experiment with value messages SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS 2016
A hybrid public good experiment eliciting multi-dimensional choice data JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY 2016
Make-up and suspicion in bargaining with cheap talk. An experiment controlling for gender and gender constellation THEORY AND DECISION 2015
Pooling promises with moral hazard ECONOMICS BULLETIN 2015