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Titolo Rivista Anno
SICCR Abruzzo–Lazio–Molise tripartite regional meeting. “Reality and concrete perspectives in daily coloproctology. Surgical techniques and patient management” TECHNIQUES IN COLOPROCTOLOGY 2019
Curative gastric resection for the elderly patients suffering from gastric cancer IL GIORNALE DI CHIRURGIA 2016
It's got four wheels but is it a 'Ferrari' or a 'Fiat Bambino'? A critical reappraisal of evidence-based medicine COLORECTAL DISEASE 2015
Clinical significance of circulating tumor cells in colon and breast solid neoplasms 2015
Preoperative staging of resectability of colon cancer using virtual colonoscopy: correlation with surgical results. Our experience ANNALI ITALIANI DI CHIRURGIA 2015
Flavonoids mixture (diosmin, troxerutin, hesperidin) in the treatment of acute hemorrhoidal disease. A prospective, randomized, triple-blind, controlled trial TECHNIQUES IN COLOPROCTOLOGY 2015