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Misurazione della Performance (I Semestre) - Facoltà di Economia:

Lunedì 11:00-13:00 (Aula 5)

Martedì 11:00-13:00 (Aula 5)

Mercoledì 14:00-16:00 (Aula 5)


Innovation Design (I Semestre) - Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia:

Lunedì 17:00-19:00 (Aula A - Saras (ex Dip. Studi Storico-religiosi) Lettere e Filosofia Città universitaria)

Martedì 09:00-11:00 (Aula XXII Lettere e Filosofia Città universitaria)

Giovedì 11:00-13:00 (Aula di Paleografia - Paola Supino Martini Lettere e Filosofia Città universitaria)

Roma: stanza n. 6, ala B, Dipartimento di Management, il lunedì e il martedì dalle ore 14:00 alle ore 18:00; il mercoledì dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 13:00

Mario Calabrese joined the Department of Management University La Sapienza of Rome in December 2017 as a researcher where he is education manager for an advance training course on anti money laundering. Previously, he studies for his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Salerno. He was awarded his PhD in Management at University "La Sapienza" of Rome, where his research focused on the innovation, knowledge management and viable system approach. In his capacity as research coordinates effort to maximise the quality and impact of research within the Department of Management. Since 2014 he is Adjunct Teacher for the Business Market Management, Management, di Innovation and Organization of Companies and Innovation Management courses at the University La Sapienza of Rome. From 2008 to 2010, he was a Research fellow at CNR/IRAT in Naples. From 2011 to 2014, he was a Research fellow at University of Cassino. From 2015 to 2016, he was a Research fellow at University of Salerno. Since 2012 he is Visiting Professor at Epoka University (Tirana, Albania). Since 2011 he is ASVSA Member (Association aimed to conceptual development and international dissemination of the scientific proposals of Viable Systemic Approach). His research interests and expertise lie in the knowledge management, technology and innovation management as well as in new venture management with an emphasis on qualitative methods. Mario s research has attracted funding from prestigious external bodies including the CNR, the Observatory EFBI - Ethics, Finance, Bank and Business and the Fondazione Roma. He is a regular presenter and invited speaker at national and international conferences, and his research has appeared in leading scientific journals, including Land Use Policy Control (2016 Impact Factor: 3.089), The TQM Journal (Scopus, CiteScore 2016: 1.22), Journal of Service Theory and Practice (2016 Impact Factor: 1.098), Kybernetes (2016 Impact Factor: 0.811), Systems Research and Behavioral Science (2016 Impact Factor: 1.034) and Service Science (2015 Impact Factor: 0.711). He is also Ad Hoc Reviewer for the following scientific journals: Service Science, Kybernetes, International Journal of Environment and Health (IJEnvH), o Journal of Organisational Transformation and Social Change, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, International Journal of Engineering Business Management. He has participated in various international research networks. He is member of the SIMA and of the EURAM. he also is Auditors External Expert at MIUR, at Regione Veneto for research projects. He has taken part in several conferences presenting scientific articles, some of which are pubblished .

Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
MISURAZIONE DELLA PERFORMANCE 1051473 2021/2022 Management delle imprese - Business Management
INNOVATION DESIGN 1056072 2021/2022 Scienze della moda e del costume
MISURAZIONE DELLA PERFORMANCE 1051473 2020/2021 Management delle imprese - Business Management
INNOVATION DESIGN 1056072 2020/2021 Scienze della moda e del costume
MISURAZIONE DELLA PERFORMANCE 1051473 2019/2020 Management delle imprese
INNOVATION DESIGN 1056072 2019/2020 Scienze della moda e del costume
INNOVATION DESIGN 1056072 2018/2019 Scienze della moda e del costume
MISURAZIONE DELLA PERFORMANCE 1051473 2018/2019 Management delle imprese
MANAGEMENT DEI PROGETTI E DELL'INNOVAZIONE 1055904 2018/2019 Economia, finanza e diritto d'impresa
MISURAZIONE DELLA PERFORMANCE 1051473 2017/2018 Management delle imprese
MANAGEMENT DEI PROGETTI E DELL'INNOVAZIONE 1055904 2017/2018 Economia, finanza e diritto d'impresa
INNOVAZIONE TECNOLOGICA E ORGANIZZATIVA 1044381 2016/2017 Economia, finanza e diritto d'impresa
MANAGEMENT 1017158 2016/2017 Management e diritto d'impresa
Titolo Rivista Anno
Prodotti per edilizia (capitolo 14) 2020
Drilling down the viable system theories in business, management and accounting: A bibliometric review SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 2020
Do agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals act at local and operational levels? Evidence from a case study in a large energy company in Italy BUSINESS STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT 2020
Fostering Innovation and Sustainability in Dynamic Service Systems: a Conceptual Study for Ageing Population 2020
The positive conformity experiment: judgments and decisions in cohesive groups under the pressure of positive attitudes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND DECISION MAKING 2020
Sistema Moda 2020
Come vestirsi 2020
Funzione e ruolo delle organizzazioni imprenditoriali: il contributo dell’approccio sistemico vitale. 2020
Business platform ecosystem: un nuovo modello organizzativo per l’innovazione sostenibile CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 2020
Group dynamics and systems thinking: interdisciplinary roots, metaphors, and applications 2019
In search of a possible evolutionary principle of management theory and practice 2019
Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility in the Diamond Supply Chain 2019
Supply chain finance. Aspetti definitori, contesto di riferimento e principali soluzioni 2019
Industria 4.0 e capacità T-shaped: tra labirinti rizomatici, ambidestrismo e suggestione frattale 2019
Una interpretazione sistemico-vitale dell’evoluzione del concetto di sostenibilità 2019
Can the viable systems approach represent a lens to interpret barriers and enablers to the integration of sustainability? Evidence from an empirical experience 2019
Children and youth leadership for raising awareness, Empowerment, active citizenship, and wellbeing INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH IN BUSINESS & SOCIAL SCIENCES 2019
Corporate Social Responsibility and integrated reporting: limits and opportunities 2019
Innovation between redundancy and vicariance: the rising need for a culture of variety 2018
Managing territory and its complexity: a decision-making model based on the viable system approach (VsA) LAND USE POLICY 2018