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Titolo Rivista Anno
Nepotism vs. specific skills. The effect of liberalizations on returns to parental background of Italian lawyers JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR & ORGANIZATION 2021
Progressivity of personal income tax and background-related earnings advantages: evidence from Italy and Poland INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANPOWER 2021
Digitalization and Automation: What Challenges for European Pension Policies? 2021
Fighting poverty and social exclusion - including through minimum income schemes 2021
Market competition and parental background wage premium. The role of human and relational capital THE JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC INEQUALITY 2020
Intergenerational earnings persistence in Italy between actual father–son pairs accounting for lifecycle and attenuation bias OXFORD BULLETIN OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS 2020
Income‑based and consumption‑based measurement of absolute poverty. Insights from Italy SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2020
Early‑career complexity before and after labour‑market deregulation in Italy. Heterogeneity by gender and socio‑economic status across cohorts SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 2020
Pensioni e disuguaglianze. Concetti, dimensioni, implicazioni di policy PAROLECHIAVE 2020
Mercato del lavoro e sistemi previdenziali. Le ricadute della crisi IL MULINO 2020
Pensioni e disuguaglianze. Una sfida complessa, l’equità necessaria POLITICHE SOCIALI 2020
Il cambiamento tecnologico e le sfide per le politiche pensionistiche RIVISTA ITALIANA DI POLITICHE PUBBLICHE 2020
P COME PENSIONI. Il difficile equilibrio fra benessere degli individui e vincoli di bilancio 2020
Age at graduation and its reflections in early career prospects STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION 2019
Labour market deregulation and workers’ outcomes at the beginning of the career. Evidence from Italy STRUCTURAL CHANGE AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS 2019
Trends and structural determinants of income inequality. An overview 2019
Intergenerational earnings inequality. New evidence from Italy REVIEW OF INCOME AND WEALTH 2019
Earnings inequality and workers’ skills in Italy STRUCTURAL CHANGE AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS 2019
Longitudinal employment trajectories and health in middle life. Insights from linked administrative and survey data DEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH 2019
Storie lavorative e pensioni attese nel contributivo in Italia. La necessità di una «pensione contributiva di garanzia» LA RIVISTA DELLE POLITICHE SOCIALI 2019
Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
ECONOMICS OF INEQUALITY 10596368 2021/2022 Economia politica - Economics
ECONOMICS OF INEQUALITY 10596368 2021/2022 Health Economics - Economia sanitaria
POLITICA ECONOMICA 1017517 2021/2022 Scienze aziendali
WELFARE ECONOMICS AND INEQUALITY 1051812 2020/2021 Economia politica - Economics
POLITICA ECONOMICA 1017517 2020/2021 Management e diritto d'impresa (sede di Latina)
WELFARE ECONOMICS AND INEQUALITY 1051812 2020/2021 Health Economics - Economia sanitaria
WELFARE ECONOMICS AND INEQUALITY 1051812 2019/2020 Economia politica
POLITICA ECONOMICA 1017517 2019/2020 Management e diritto d'impresa
COMPLEMENTI DI ECONOMIA POLITICA 1016862 2018/2019 Management e diritto d'impresa
WELFARE ECONOMICS AND INEQUALITY 1051812 2018/2019 Economia politica
ECONOMIA MONETARIA 1017126 2017/2018 Management e diritto d'impresa
WELFARE ECONOMICS AND INEQUALITY 1051812 2017/2018 Economia politica