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Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
ELETTRONICA II 1035361 2021/2022 Ingegneria Elettronica
ELETTRONICA 1021954 2021/2022 Ingegneria Clinica
RECUPERO DI ELETTRONICA II 1056184 2021/2022 Ingegneria Elettronica - Electronics Engineering
Titolo Rivista Anno
Electrogenic and hydrocarbonoclastic biofilm at the oil-water interface as microbial responses to oil spill WATER RESEARCH 2021
Large-area thin film heater for thermal treatments in lab-on-chip 2021
Transparent oxide/metal/oxide thin film heater with integrated resistive temperature sensors IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL 2021
Stability of hydrogenated amorphous silicon diodes as thin film temperature sensors 2020
Micro-incubator based on lab-on-glass technology for nanosatellite missions 2020
On the Stability of Amorphous Silicon Temperature Sensors IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES 2020
RNA/DNA amplification methods for the detection of bacteria and virus through an optoelectronic lab-on-chip 2020
Integrated chemiluminescence-based lab-on-chip for detection of life markers in extraterrestrial environments BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 2019
On-glass integration of thin film devices for monitoring of cell bioluminescence 2019
On-chip real-time monitoring of multiple displacement amplification of DNA SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL 2019
Thin film sensor platform for on-chip detection of fluorescence-based aptamer assay 2019
Equivalent electrical model of a-Si:H diodes for lab-on-chip technology 2019
Development of an electrochemiluminescence-based lab-on-chip using thin/thick film technologies 2019
MFCs as biosensor, bioreactor and bioremediator 2019
Custom measuring system tailored for MFCs 2019
Electrowetting-based Lab-on-Chip system for biosensing applications 2019
Lab-on-Chip system for electrochemiluminescence detection based on thin/thick film technologies 2019
Detection of fluorescence-based aptamer assay through thin film optoelectronic devices 2019
Equivalent electrical model of amorphous silicon p-i-n junction for Lab-on-Chip application 2019
Study of amorphous silicon diodes as temperature sensors in biomedical applications 2019