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The HCI course (AY 2020/2021) will start on February 22nd, 2021 in mixed modality. All information will be available on the Piazza web site: https://piazza.com/uniroma1.it/summer2021/1038134/info.

To enroll please use your email @studenti.uniroma1.it, course name Human-Computer Interaction, term Summer 2021.


La didattica per il corso di Basi di Dati - Ing. Gestionale - Canale A-L - A.A. 2020/21 si terrà in modalità mista a partire dalla settimana del 5/10. Dettagli su orari, modalità di accesso in presenza e modalità remote, insieme al materiale utile al corso verranno pubblicati su sito piazza.com del corso https://piazza.com/uniroma1.it/fall2020/bdgest2021/info. Per iscriversi, utilizzare la propria email @studenti.uniroma1.it, come codice corso bdgest 20/21 nel periodo Fall 2020.



giovedì 17-19

Titolo Rivista Anno
Exploring the Historical Context of Graphic Symbols: the NOTAE Knowledge Graph and its Visual Interface 2021
Who is Willing to Help Robots? A User Study on Collaboration Attitude INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ROBOTICS 2020
Identifying, Classifying and Searching Graphic Symbols in the NOTAE System 2020
Ontology-based explanation of classifiers 2020
From Consensus to Innovation. Evolving Towards Crowd-based User-Centered Design INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION 2020
A game-based learning experience for improving cybersecurity awareness 2020
Database Benchmarking for Supporting Real-Time Interactive Querying of Large Data PROCEEDINGS - ACM-SIGMOD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT OF DATA 2020
ARCA. Semantic exploration of a bookstore 2020
V-DOOR: A Real-Time Virtual Dressing Room Application Using Oculus Rift 2020
Vulnus: Visual Vulnerability Analysis for Network Security IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS 2019
Surveying human habit modeling and mining techniques in smart spaces FUTURE INTERNET 2019
IVAN: An Interactive Herlofson’s Nomogram Visualizer for Local Weather Forecast COMPUTERS 2019
Generating Personalized Narrative Experiences in Interactive Storytelling through Automated Planning 2019
An Approach to Identifying What Has Gone Wrong in a User Interaction 2019
A conceptual architecture and model for smart manufacturing relying on service-based digital twins 2019
Process-aware enactment of clinical guidelines through multimodal interfaces COMPUTERS 2019
Encouraging persons to visit cultural sites through mini-games EAI ENDORSED TRANSACTIONS ON SERIOUS GAMES 2018
Measuring the learnability of interactive systems using a Petri net based approach 2018
Integrating body scanning solutions into virtual dressing rooms 2018
Insegnamento Codice Anno Corso - Frequentare
HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 1038134 2020/2021 Engineering in Computer Science - Ingegneria Informatica
BASI DI DATI 1017397 2020/2021 Ingegneria Gestionale
BASI DI DATI 1017397 2019/2020 Ingegneria Gestionale
HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 1038134 2019/2020 Engineering in Computer Science
HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 1038134 2018/2019 Engineering in Computer Science
BASI DI DATI 1017397 2018/2019 Ingegneria Gestionale
HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 1038134 2017/2018 Ingegneria Informatica
BASI DI DATI 1017397 2017/2018 Ingegneria Gestionale
HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION 1038134 2016/2017 Ingegneria Informatica
BASI DI DATI 1017397 2016/2017 Ingegneria Gestionale