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3D morphometric analysis of ascending aorta as an adjunctive tool to predict type A acute aortic dissection JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE 2021
Hypothermia during surgical treatment of type A aortic dissection, a 16 years’ experience INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF VASCULAR MEDICINE 2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) and cardiovascular diseases. an unexpected alliance CARDIOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 2020
Bridging aortic valve surgery to 21st century. what can a surgeon do VESSEL PLUS 2019
Left atrial anomalous muscular band as incidental finding during video-assisted mitral surgery JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE 2018
Surgical embolectomy for acute massive pulmonary embolism: state of the art JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE 2018
Cerebrovascular complications and infective endocarditis. impact of available evidence on clinical outcome BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2018
Delayed spleen rupture after post endocarditis mitral minimally invasive surgery. an unexpected finding AUSTIN CARDIO & CARDIOVASCULAR CASE REPORTS 2016